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  1. Rolling all three days
  2. Car Camping Spots: First Come, First Serve?
  3. A question about water
  4. Does anyone know if there will be a way to watch any of the live sets from a computer
  5. are those mini presurized kegs allowed?
  6. Moccasins for Coachella...
  7. Question about shuttle routes
  8. Getting To Indio! (Need Help)
  9. a pack of how much beer can we bring?
  10. Advil/Motrin is allowed in right?
  11. PUPUSAS????
  12. Is there ice available in car camping?
  13. skateboarding at coachella
  14. In's and Outs
  15. Anyone else wearing diapers this weekend?
  16. Car camping, arriving at 11pm?
  17. What are you gonna do after Coachella?
  18. Car Camping Arrival
  19. Ae the wristbands waterproof?
  20. Will the free cigs be back?
  21. Tips on having fun in traffic?
  22. Will Call Shuttle Voucher?
  23. Boombox...
  24. Re-entry?
  25. Anybody know what time general parking opens Friday morning?
  26. Where to get more articles on Coachella?
  27. Wristband clip broke
  28. What ironic hipster t-shirt will you be wearing on Friday?
  29. What is security like? Are they really checking wristbands?
  30. How's the car search/traffic for the campgrounds?
  31. Gatorade
  32. Is there a place to park for those visiting the campgrounds on Thursday?
  33. Taxi Cabs
  34. How much BallSweat is produced at Coachella?
  35. Where's will call in relation to tent camping
  36. Is it too late
  37. Are the RFID chips on bracelets waterproof ?
  38. Europeans with Bad Music Taste
  39. Drove around Indio Polo grounds 5am
  40. Diseases from Showers
  41. Are coolers/drinks allowed into the day parking lot?
  42. HELP! Flew to LA, but left Coachella wristbands at home.
  43. sahara sound fail?
  44. Where is the koji truck parked?
  45. Where the fuck is Pinks?
  46. no previous years merch sale?
  47. defective wristbands!
  48. Filled with rage. Suck factor too high.
  49. Can we burn the Do Lab Sunday night?
  50. lost my id!!!
  51. Sports Bar at Cochella
  52. Your wristband fall off?
  53. Merchandise.
  54. Girl with the Owl tattoo on right shoulder
  55. UK Fashion Bloggers
  56. Could you remove your wristband without damaging it (much)?
  57. Wristband Colors
  58. Girl hit by 4x4 utility cart.
  59. Anyone have the live streams saved?
  60. YouTube Channel geo-fenced?
  61. 2 8 year old girls who know how to party
  62. How were the shuttles?
  63. 2011 LOST AND FOUND - official thread
  64. Coachella Stage Transformations
  65. What ever happened to the CD contest?
  66. Did anyone see?
  67. Everyone, any age needs to purchase a ticket -- especially the toddlers
  68. Who else caught the Coachella flu?
  69. Camprgound Dj
  70. What is the most embarrassing song you have on your ipod?
  71. Have Any Questions about my Safari Tent / Artist Wristband Experience?
  72. Pooping at coachella.
  73. Untitled
  74. the spot lights surrounding coachella
  76. Does anyone else think that Coachella should be 18+?
  77. Camp Quiz
  78. How were the taxis this year?
  79. The count?
  80. How soon are you buying your 2012 tickets next year?
  81. 2011 picture thread
  82. Wat
  83. Toga man?
  84. Looking to buy Coachella 2011 Shirt
  85. The Day After Coachella.....
  86. Lost and found Pipes/Bongs
  87. Fashion Bloggers
  88. Dogs?
  89. Mexicans. More in attendance, or working security?
  90. Can we get a backdrop at Gobi?!
  91. The strokes= BORING
  92. ! Important
  93. Coachella Injuries?
  94. Dates for next year - 2012
  95. How crowded was it?
  96. Why is it so hard to restart the countdown?
  97. dvd of the festival?
  98. Will Radiohead Tour in 2012
  99. Merch Tent
  100. Sahara- 2011 Lights vs 2010 lights?
  101. Last stand party at the Spider sculpture on Sunday night?
  102. Random Security Gaurds.
  103. Who was this?
  104. What happened to online Coachella merchandise?
  105. Any guesses for 2012 dates??
  106. 2011 Photo Gallery?
  107. Where's Coachella Lighting/Staging/Sound come from?
  108. Any more Chemical Brothers shows in the US?
  109. Coachella 2011 gear
  110. Have 2011 Do Lab Photos? Gimmie!
  111. Will Pay $$$ for 2011 Tee
  113. Couldn't the presale have waited?
  114. the good and the bad
  115. So who's going both weekends?
  116. My First Coachella, April 13th-15th 2012...Some questions
  117. Excellent Article RE: Coachella Changes from Hollywood Reporter (with Paul Quotes)
  118. Layaway: is it good on all the packages/tickets?
  119. VIP in 2012
  120. WHERE to go for presale
  121. Transferring layaway payments to someone else?
  122. Can I bring a short bus camping?
  123. Sorry You Are Too Late
  124. Anyone getting thru????
  125. LOLZ Who put a 2012 pass on Ebay already!??
  126. Whadya Pay?
  128. Did this bullshit happen to anyone else?
  129. Cancelling Coachella Layaway?
  130. Tips for getting through frontgate crap
  131. thoughts
  132. what pissess you off more?
  133. Buying Shuttle Passes
  134. Week one or two?
  135. Car Camping Companion Pass - In/Out?
  136. Attn: idiots buying tickets for both weekends...
  137. I might be moving this year.
  138. Car Camping Pass Question
  139. Has anyone's card been billed yet?
  140. Who is Nathan Fairbanks?
  141. Drinkey McDick suck
  142. Bought passes for week X, but your friends bought passes for week Y?
  143. layaway ticket bought but my card will expire soon..
  144. How many VIP tix were sold last year?
  145. An interesting Frontgate fuckup..
  146. stupid question
  147. no more layaway?
  148. loosing interest in coachella
  149. Coachella Beverage/Cocktail
  150. For those who wear ear plugs at Coachella ...
  151. question about payment dates
  152. I get paid on friday, i also have a payment for my ticket and camping pass that day..
  153. If you need to change your credit card / billing info, here's how
  154. What to bring??
  155. Purchasing tickets from overseas
  156. Most bands you've seen at Coachella?
  157. RV/Campervans
  158. Message Board Mobile Issues
  159. The Tasty Morsels Goldenvoice Throws Us
  160. Coachella Fest may have a problem - La Quinta City Council pushing weight around
  161. Extraordinary Road to Camp
  162. ADA: Assistive Listening System
  163. Airport
  164. when will tickets be for sale for coachella 2012?
  165. Did Paul Mccartney & Usher come out during Afrojack?
  166. Palm Springs Shuttle Line - How long does it take?
  167. Motorcycle in Car Camping
  168. International Ticket collection
  169. Day Parking Vs. Shuttle
  170. How Many Tickets for 2012?
  171. Ice
  172. Dec layaway payment?
  173. Would Coachella ever whore out their stages like the other fests?
  174. how do we volunteer for one of the next weekends?
  175. When is the 2012 lineup announced?
  176. Is it easy enough to buy tickets from the UK?
  177. HOW do you pronounce
  178. Why did Message Board go down a few day?
  179. Shuttle Passes
  180. buying pass tomorrow
  181. How far is super 8 from polo grounds?
  182. Car camping
  183. Regarding the "local only tickets"
  184. Any change in how they handle groups in camping this year?
  185. Concert attendee capacity
  186. Who's got tickets???
  187. Empty Car Camping Spots on Weekend 2
  188. capacity
  189. Trading camping passes
  190. Question about the Fox theatre for frequent visitors....
  191. Is Thom Yorke going to show up during Modeselektor's set and ruin it?
  192. I just got this a hour ago.
  193. Getting to and from a shuttle stop
  194. how many tickets were sold?
  195. British People
  196. I find it hard to believe
  197. I have extra shuttle passes to trade or sell
  198. Right - Amercia/Coachella Virgin coming from Oz - Need advice from Veterans!
  199. Pens/Pencils allowed?
  200. Camelbaks
  201. Shoes
  202. Packing for camping when flying in.
  203. Late night food delivery in Palm Springs/Indio
  204. trade!
  205. How many bands?
  206. Daytime Activities
  207. Limit on Cigarettes
  208. Ahhh! I keep reading, getting excited about, and replying to OLD posts!
  209. Bicycle parking
  210. 2012 Shuttle Routes now on Google Maps
  211. Who else is staying at Embassy Suites in La Quinta ??
  212. Merchandise
  213. Best cell service?
  214. Canadians attending Coachella 2012!!!
  215. Taxi Line
  216. Where's the Beginners guide?
  217. What You shouldn't miss out on at Coachella.
  218. Walking to Coachella
  219. Bringing hard alcohol to the campgrounds?
  220. Hacked Credit Card through Frontgate?
  221. green stuff
  222. Will Call Pickup (International Punters)
  223. MAPS 2012
  224. Any rules against wearing cleats?
  225. Help! Found tickets on craigslist but looks sketch. What do you think?
  226. Young People at Coachella
  227. Any rules against wearing clogs?
  228. Anyone know how the shuttle passes work? let me know plz
  229. water bottles allowed?
  230. Car Searches
  231. Is it possible for my girlfriend's grandpa to get the physical bracelet on friday?
  232. Driving back to LAX on Monday
  233. Countdown off by a month!
  234. Light show gloves
  235. Bottom line bands
  236. Anyone down for a flash mob Soul Train Line? (In respect to Don Cornelius)
  237. Past Coachella Shirts
  238. Trampoline?
  239. Alcohol with a minor in car? (Car Camping)
  240. Tickets not being mailed to Canada
  241. Who wil DJ the Heineken tent and what times?
  242. Updating the shipping address?
  243. When to show up at Coachella?
  244. We have camping tickets but no parking pass... Where can we park?
  245. Coachella Motorcycle friendly?
  246. Question about Worldmark Indio
  247. What time is sunset?
  248. Do you still have to stay in the Beer Gardens?
  249. When does the early stuff start thursday?
  250. Festival pass week 2