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  1. DOES SAFARI TENT ALL ACCESS PASS GET YOU TO FRONT vs. just being backstage??????
  2. wondering where the lockers are in polo...
  3. Problem with layway ticket, no contact information available
  4. Earplugs
  5. late night grub after coachella?
  6. Roller Rink
  7. Schedule Release
  8. Off site camping
  9. Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  10. Medical marijuanA
  11. CarpoolChella in Car Camping?
  12. Ins and Outs in 2011
  13. Making the long journey from Kelowna BC. to Coachella. Anyone else cruising from BC?
  14. So, the Sahara Tent Stage is for DJs and Dancing....What About the Other Stages?
  15. How many people can each stage fit?
  16. full release...
  17. 2011 artists streaming music
  18. Will there be more tickets for those that didn't pay their layaway?
  19. zentai costumes
  21. Healing Touch Energy Work
  22. Alcohol
  23. Ralph's Shuttle
  24. HELP
  25. What unusual item(s) are you bringing to Coachella?
  26. When to arrive??
  27. Airport?
  28. So do we dare start to guess the temperature this year will be?
  29. i will answer any questions about coachella and i will be a dick about it...
  30. Question regarding TRAVEL PACKAGE
  31. Which mode to/from Coachella??
  32. Anyone from Houston?
  33. How to have tickets sent to new address?
  34. When will i be getting the tickets???
  35. Filter pre party info
  36. Limit on Alcohol
  37. Heineken Coachella Billboard is now up in Indio
  38. Shuttle Question
  39. How do we know wristbands are real if we buy from someone
  40. Coachella cuddle buddy?
  41. Any tips for cabs?
  42. Bag or no bag?
  43. Are binoculars allowed in the venue?
  44. WHY do you attend (and keep attending Coachella)
  45. Passes
  46. WANTED: 18 people SUNDAY 5:45pm April 17th for me to DJ the EnergyFACTORY stage!
  47. When are our layaway tickets getting mailed to us?
  48. Close to 100,000 people?
  49. Any Females heading to Coachella by themselves
  50. CAMPERS!!! What are you bringing for food and drinks etc...
  51. Road back home
  52. am i stupid for not getting a shuttle pass?
  53. Thursday Night Party?
  54. Ticketmaster says standard shipping to Canada?
  55. Go alone?
  56. GroupMe (Group Texting in general)
  57. Car Camping Pass?
  58. For those that got their tix through Valley Music Travel
  59. Liquor in the festival?
  60. Thursday Kick Off Party!!
  61. Question for those who have driven a truck to the festival...
  62. After Party?
  63. Is there a separate VIP entrance?
  64. Friday night traffic?
  65. Car camping pass came but no wristband...
  66. What does Companion Parking Pass look like?
  67. camping question
  68. FLAGS!
  69. Will Call
  70. Shuttle Pass
  71. Got My Wristband but no Windshield Decal
  72. Farmers Market
  73. For those who've gotten their tickets...
  74. smoke trees?
  75. Pretty sure my pass got stolen...
  76. Car Camping Pass enviado a Mexico????
  77. Do GA and VIP wristbands look different?
  78. Question about wanting to see a headlining band...
  79. Shuttles - Forced to buy Indian Wells line
  80. Shuttle Passes Shipped separately??
  81. What ONE song would complete your Coachella '11 experience?
  82. HEINEKEN Sponsorship
  83. the Monday after....
  84. Le Set Times
  85. Mobile App
  86. Coachella rookie
  87. Please don't be smelly
  88. Toddlers and Parking
  89. Merchandise
  90. Anybdoy got El Dorado camping passes yet?
  91. If you haven't received your passes yet...
  92. In and Out from Stage
  93. Wristband/Ticket Package Cost?
  94. Coachella Party
  95. Coachella movie.
  96. Wristband package arrived missing one wristband, WTF?
  97. Shuttle Passes: Bought one, but received two? How many cards are you supposed to get?
  98. first time at coachella and going solo...
  99. going alone? aawesome or sad?
  100. coachella
  101. What are you taking in your Camelbak/Backpack?
  102. Help! Need Advice...new J-o-b starts around Coachella Weekend!
  103. Question about shuttles
  104. Am I allowed to have this thing on me?
  105. How to Piss in Public - When a porta-potty just isn't close enough for your 18 beers.
  106. Medium Lockers Sold OUT
  107. Going along in 2011? Lets organize a loner meetup(s)
  108. Whos going alone??
  109. Good Post-Show Pickup Spot?
  110. safari tent parking
  111. this one's for the girls
  112. still missing a ticket!
  113. Didn't Receive Shuttle Passes?
  114. Lockers
  115. Acceptable ID's For Entering Campgrounds
  116. Items appropriate for coachella
  117. parking at wal mart?
  118. Refillable Water Bottles
  119. Car Camping Pass Missing!
  120. Any must see groups/bands
  121. Things you regret bringing to past coachellas?
  122. What the F' is a Hipster Anyway??
  123. Coachella Beach Club
  124. Wristband Question....
  125. This years pool parties
  126. 'pro camera'
  127. Driving up on Friday night
  128. How many times am I going to hear "Civilization"?
  129. Wristbands in a Hottub
  130. Entrance lines
  131. Wristbands in the mail?
  132. Will Call
  133. Are Jetboils Allowed Car Camping?
  134. 1st timer riding bike
  136. Carpoolchella question!
  137. who is going from temple city california?
  138. Has anyone used the shuttles before?
  139. Who will print my Coachella poster designs?
  140. Taxi
  141. Can I skate at the roller rink even though I am not camping?
  142. Wal-mart / Target LA
  143. Campground Sessions..
  144. Bringing booze for non campers
  145. What time are you car campers aiming to arrive on Thursday night?
  146. American Spirit Tent?
  147. Where Do People Have Sex At Coachella?
  148. Wristbands?
  149. Wristbands deactivation
  150. Companion Car Camping Questions
  151. extra car camp pass
  152. Secret Garden parking still available?
  153. Vendor Pass Question
  154. Anybody else just totally addicted to this site?
  155. BoomCase. - Can I get it in?
  156. Benefits of tent camping vs car camping
  157. Wristband mailing issues. Please Help.
  158. dubstep
  160. Taking our 4 month old to coachella? Thoughts?
  161. Does VIP wristband get you in the front gate?
  162. Shuttle Pass w/GA Pass?
  163. do i need to buy a shuttle pass or drive myself?
  164. Question regarding leaving the camp grounds
  165. What does a VIP pass get you?
  166. Palm Springs to Indio?
  167. alternative parking options?
  168. Swimming Pools
  169. external flash allowed in?
  170. Where is the drop-off point? how do I walk over to the car camping spot from there?
  171. Is CoachellaRides legit?
  172. Reliable text messaging
  173. Cell Service
  174. Do cigarette packs need to be closed upon entry into the festival?
  175. Where is the Oasis Beach Club?
  176. This years layout
  177. does anybody want to rent out my room for a ticket?
  178. Help, lost my license!
  179. Lockers again this year ?
  180. Tent camping without a Tent camping parking pass?
  181. Free All Day parking: Can you leave alcohol in car?
  182. Does anyone else create Coachella Excel spreadsheets?
  183. Beer question
  184. Looking for something fun to do in LA the Wednesday before Coachella!
  185. Is it wrong to laugh at this? Happy Coachella!
  186. Smoking cigs in the Sahara
  187. 2010 refillable water bottle
  188. Coachooser/Set Times!
  189. Campers Food
  190. Anyone selling a locker rental?
  191. How much $ will one need for the weekend?
  192. Anyone coming from Chicago?!
  193. How Many Water Bottles (20oz) A Day is Healthy in The Desert Heat?
  194. Post Office at Coachella?
  195. Coachella Weather Report
  196. Walk to Ralphs
  197. Bring a Tent?
  198. compaints
  199. Thursday Night
  200. Anti-Anxiety Meds/Prescription pills!!!
  201. how do i know if a wristband is authentic???
  202. No Wristbands in Hand...
  203. Buying Wristband off CL - Way to check if legit?
  204. Are you allowed to bring...
  205. im flying out in a few hours,
  206. Will Call
  207. Prescription Marijuana?
  208. Shuttle Schedule Question
  209. Coachella Survival Guide
  210. Anyone else putting wristbands in a Faraday Cage?
  211. Getting camping equipment there without a car?
  212. Has Anyone Ever Worn a Face Mask to Coachella?
  213. Anyone want to buy a Freedom Flask?
  214. Do 2-way radios work?
  215. Which acts have unique/bizarre/fun stage productions?
  216. parking map?
  217. Additional Toll Booths
  218. Drop off at the grounds
  219. Where is Will Call?
  220. Lost My Map
  221. Car companion parking
  222. My wristband will be there before I am...
  223. Best Route from San Diego?
  224. What time do I need to leave to arrive on time?
  225. Driving to Coachella from L.A.
  226. dumb question
  227. car searching.
  228. Anyone else?
  229. Seriously... when do the set times go up?
  230. Question about merchandise
  231. when will the set times come out??????????
  232. Jugglers, poi spinners, hoopers?
  233. Showering with wristbands on...
  234. Early Fri. morning camp access Q
  235. Camp Chair
  236. Preparing for Coachella in a Nutshell...
  237. no sahara tent? am i tripping balls?
  238. coachooser isn't working
  239. Is the Oasis dome going to have Late Night Camper fun?
  240. Old Merch Sale questions
  241. Motion sickness?
  242. Wristband check inside?
  243. bikes in camp ground?
  244. so I am set
  245. i have ZERO holes in my schedule...
  246. When will I eat?
  247. Coachella shirt prices?
  248. Where is the best mexican food in the city of Indio?
  249. What food are you bringing for camping?
  250. Will Call Location?!