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  1. Staying in Palm Springs - Where's the best food, drinks, etc?
  3. Sandals or shoes?
  4. Video camera question
  5. Crashing Coachella last minute. Need advice.
  6. Coachella at the last min. Need advice pls.
  7. I'm gonna try to get away with eating only 1 or 2 small meals a day (yay or nay?)
  8. WTF! 10 DAYS AWAY & NO You tube Coachella 2010 video yet! WTF
  9. lady questions
  10. Whats the one thing you forgot?
  11. Parking at Coachella?
  12. 420
  13. Where to buy ticket
  14. carpoolchella contest for bikers?
  15. 1 Van 2 camping tickets
  16. bug spray?
  18. Thursday Night
  19. So, In case other artists get added how will we know?
  20. BEER.
  21. Preparing your body for an Amazing weekend
  22. Do People Go to Coachella on Crutches?
  23. are they selling tickets the day of the event?
  24. Amtrakking it to Coachella?
  25. How r u getting all your sh** there?
  26. Questions about Press Pass
  27. QUESTION, i have a car camping spot and using a 10'-7' uhaul init?
  28. How far of a walk from the overnight parking lot to the RV camping area??
  29. When does thursday night end?
  30. How do people sleep knowing that it's next week?
  31. I printed my ticket at home; will I need the credit card I bought it with to get in?
  32. Camelpacks?
  33. Wristbands....what are they made of?
  34. Re-entry?
  35. Arriving Friday very very morning
  36. Question about verification
  37. Tailgating in the parking lot BBQ?
  38. Taxi drop-off
  39. How are the camping spots layed out?
  40. No lockers this year?
  41. is it gonna be possible to exit the venue?
  42. Sitting at a bar and someone said....
  43. Crucero Bus
  44. 18+ / 21+ age restrictions?
  45. DJ Lance
  46. Anyone still looking for the Filter Mag RSVP link?
  47. Will Call ticket collection...
  48. taxi service?
  49. bicycle/golf cart taxi service?
  50. What's the beer situation like
  51. paycheck doesn't cash till monday
  52. does anybody know?
  53. Concerns about Camping
  54. If I am camping with someone else at Coachella, where can I park my car?
  55. So the FAQ used to say you can bring your own watter bottle...
  56. Drive and Park or Buy Shuttle Passes?
  57. Are the lockers inside the gate or outside?
  58. ????
  59. Size of Coachella
  60. I'm 17 year old Coachella-virgin needing help!
  61. Sweat shop mixer winners....
  62. stupid fucking questions thread
  63. Martial Arts/Hula-Hooping
  64. Liquid/Spray Sanitizer?
  65. Cameras!?!
  66. ATTN! Expierenced W.E.T members! Parking camping pass
  67. Meeting a Friend at Camping - Help please
  68. PARKING???
  69. Getting water on the camping ground?
  70. How to survive the heat?
  71. Different Wristbands For Different People?
  72. Texas Invades The Desert...
  73. Bus service from LAX to Indio?
  74. The Rose Garden?
  75. What Is Jay Z's best album?
  76. Tents, food and alcohol?
  77. Tent setups?
  78. Meeting ppl at Coachella on Thursday
  79. set times?
  80. Help! When should I arrive at Coachella?
  81. Where can we charge our phones/cameras?
  82. ATM
  83. Sweatshop Mixer - Classic Cult
  84. is it reasonably safe
  85. do you think these folding "stadium seats" will be allowed?
  86. car security checks
  87. Residential Parking Passes
  88. last question and then im gone
  89. Coachella Weather...
  90. "Looking For...Thank You"
  91. SPF 9 million
  92. Map available?
  93. Artist Pass?!
  94. Who is in shitty weather right from now up til you land in the desert?
  95. Coachella alcohol
  96. WET volunteers
  97. Lockers
  98. rose garden, not that it really matters,
  99. What, in your opinion, is the best non-SLR camera?
  100. Should I feel secure about my belongings if I bring a backpack?
  101. the stages
  102. beer garden cutoff time extended?
  103. Coachella 2010 map?
  104. ??? for Sahara veterans/addicts
  105. Why do they make the schedule upside down?
  106. how do i put deposit down
  107. What will the weather really be like!
  108. Best route into the day parking...
  109. Alcohol for two, but one coming later
  110. coachella water bottles
  111. What's the deal with after hours?
  112. Broken Ankle
  113. Crystal Castles 12" vinyl Doe a Deer
  114. beer gardens in general / booze questions
  115. the coachella water bottles we got last year
  116. A little worried...
  117. Empire Pass?
  118. Driving from Palm Springs, then Biking the last bit
  119. How long before a show should i come to get close to the rail and center?
  120. sunday night programming
  121. Lost Tickets
  122. Walkie-Talkies (rec's)
  123. Only have wristbands, do you also need tickets to get in?
  124. Will ICE be sold for camping?
  125. how many of you are leaving sunday night?
  126. Set times are up!
  127. Are you on Twitter?
  128. MAP?
  129. underage alcohol
  130. Sold Out?
  131. Attn: Palm Springs Beer Lovers
  132. Which iPhone Apps to have for Coachella?
  133. Definitely wear underwear
  134. I will answer SOME questions and I will be nice about it
  135. I will answer one question and I will not be nice about it?
  136. Does anybody know Ralph Reyes?
  138. Barefoot-chella?
  139. Is there anywhere near the greyhound station in Indio to buy booze?
  140. Digital Camera?
  141. Need 1 3-day pass.
  142. Open cigarette packs?
  143. Water
  144. bassface - open to all or just campers?
  145. By a show of hands, who's going to Coachella?
  146. Who is suffering from "Day before" insomnia?
  147. Anthem Party
  148. mapquest
  149. Delayed artists?
  150. Companion parking
  151. Backpack question
  152. What's that radio station that plays nothing but Coachella music all weekend?
  153. In and out rules?
  154. Driving in multiple cars.
  155. Car camping searches
  156. Campground Party Tonight!!
  157. Any festival goer can enter camping area?
  158. once again another amtrak roll call
  159. leave gf?
  160. ID question
  161. Best Time to Get in tonight in order to encounter a short line?
  162. What happened to the Flash Mob!?
  163. trip tips?
  164. Pure Filth parking dilemma
  165. Camping bracelets?
  166. Off Site Will Call Location
  167. Where do AMEX Gold VIPs pick up their credentials?!
  168. is anyone else in this ridiculous line at the north entrance?
  169. Can we bring in small umbrellas?
  170. Complete cluster fuck trying to leave
  171. Clusterfuck Avoidance
  172. Can someone give me back Party Yoda?
  173. So where did all the money go?
  174. Anyone find a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer seeing glasses?
  175. Violence in the Campgrounds BY SECURITY
  176. Really disorganized this year?
  177. To whoever stole our giant scissors and Sharpie
  178. Whose still wearing their Coachella wristband?
  179. Lost: Black Panasonic Lumix and Blue Samsung Phone
  180. Will there be a video of Coachella besides the live webcasts?
  181. Where the fuck was the Freshers Lemonade?
  182. Naked Guy Tazed (no wizardry) Anyone else see this?? (PIC INCL)
  183. VIDEOs
  184. Who saw the giant taco?
  185. People walking around with pinky in air?
  186. LOST: Blackberry Storm with lime green protector
  187. That dubstep song EVERYONE played?
  188. Where the Wild things Are
  189. Massage Tent
  190. anybody else see
  191. Coachella Footage?
  192. Anyone elses car get broken into??
  193. Bus on fire
  194. the guy who passed out right before sly stone, what happened?
  195. Coachella Deaths??????? any?
  196. Turtles Dont do Drugs
  197. So did anyone buy the fake empire pass?
  198. When do they put the leftover merch. up?
  201. Sahara lights less impressive this year?
  202. Coachella 2010 DVD
  203. So what is a 'virtual band' anyway?
  204. Does anyone have any great pix of the fest from atop the Ferris Wheel?
  205. Chicks orgy behind the Do Lab
  206. Coachella Aerial Photos
  207. Unbuttoned shorts thing?
  208. chairs
  209. Did it take anyone else 5 hours to find your car(s) every night?
  211. Lots of Girls on Crutches?
  212. nvm
  213. Would you pay more if they sold fewer tickets?
  214. People who go to Coachella, but not the actual festival...
  215. Favorite Accessories of 2010?
  216. Coachella 2010 Official Merchandise - Online?
  217. Dates for 2011
  218. RV camping
  219. Instead of complaining about overcrowding...
  221. Did anyone else return with Coachella Fever?
  222. Can you tell me who sings this song?
  223. Status?
  224. HOw dope was pretty lights?
  225. Did all footage go to waste?
  227. Who is excited for 2011
  228. we'll remember this forever t shirts
  229. Coachella Almost Didn't Happen This Year
  230. 5Gum booth photos - did anyone get them?
  231. London - Coachella
  232. This is a Long Shot....
  233. Rain at Coachella
  234. can anyone show me the thread
  235. Was The Fire on The Main Stage Staged? or Real?
  236. What band was this hot chick in and why did I miss them?
  237. Coachella Cheese??
  238. photo help please!
  239. Who were the people doing Punk Rock Makeovers?
  240. MUSE FLAG PICS!!!??!!
  241. What If Michael Jackson played in 2010?
  242. Would you spend an extra $50 for less tickets sold....
  243. Elevation for Outdoor Theatre Please
  244. Children at Coachella
  245. Black Mountain or Blonde Redhead?
  246. will there be another poster competition for 2011
  247. Another beer garden question
  248. Prop 19: Coachella and the legalization of cannabis
  249. Jónsi in Tempe, AZ
  250. Free American Spirits