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  2. How much $ are you bringing?
  3. Cash is king, how much will you bring?
  4. How much cash are you bringing?
  5. What's Closest to Your Coachella Strategy?
  6. What's Your Coachella Strategy?
  7. What's your favorite color?
  8. The Chemical Brothers vs. Boys Noize
  9. cee lo vs ofwgkta?
  10. mumford and sons vs one day as a lion?
  11. i fucked up=(
  12. strokes / ratatat / chromeo / chase and status / phantogram
  13. Bright eyes vs. Shpongle
  14. etards - which day?
  15. Monarchy/Crystal Castles/Aquabats/Beardyman
  16. Bat for Lashes VS Aquabats VS Judybats
  17. Best Debut album of the 2000's
  18. Best Debut Album of the 2000's
  19. Best Early Friday Afternoon Artist
  20. ~~ Official 2011 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ APRIL (POST fest) VERSION
  21. Best Coachella Hip Hop Headliner: Kanye vs. Jay-Z
  22. Best sahara set of 2011
  23. Freshers Lemonade vs Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade 2011
  24. Thom Yorke '10 vs Arcade Fire '11
  25. Gorillaz '10 vs Kayne '11
  26. Best Dome set of 2011
  27. Best Sahara Performance after Daft Punk's 06 legendary performance
  28. Dr. Dre vs Outkast for 2012 headliner
  29. Axwell vs. Angello
  30. Best Overall Coachella
  31. Who'd you rather see
  32. Females only!
  33. DELETE
  34. Best Sahara Act Since Daft Punk
  35. Worst Sahara Act Since Daft Punk?
  36. Pavement vs Dinosaur Jr.
  37. Monkey Business
  38. DJ Mark Farina or Flying Lotus?
  39. What's Going To Be Announced?
  40. Which weekend will you attend?
  41. Which Coachella will you go to?
  42. How long do you think this two weekends shit will last?
  43. Will both weekends sell out?
  44. Agree/Disagree
  45. Do you like that Coachella is going to be two weekends?
  46. TRY AGAIN: Do you like that Coachella is going to be two weekends?
  47. How many polls about the Two Coachellas will there be?
  48. Two Weekends - Watcha thinkin
  49. NEW AND IMPROVED. what is your flavor of electronica?
  50. Pooping at Coachellas 2012
  51. How long will it take for Weekend 1 to sell out?
  52. How many differences will there be between the lineups each weekend?
  53. If you had to choose one: DP vs. Radiohead
  54. Parliament or Funkadelic?
  55. Is Matt a Bitch
  56. Who is a bigger bitch
  57. How many close friends do you have?
  58. Men: Have you sent pictures of you wiener over the internet?
  59. Which would you rather fuck?
  60. Who will headline Coachella 2012?
  61. The Strokes - "Taken for a Fool" vs Arctic Monkeys "Hellcat Spangled Shalala"
  62. The Strokes - "Taken for a Fool" vs Arctic Monkeys "Hellcat Spangled Shalala"
  63. Circumcision: Cut or Uncut - The "I Have a Penis" Edition
  64. Circumcision: Cut or Uncut - The "I Love Penis" Edition
  65. Bon Iver VS Fleet Foxes
  66. You have to cook a mess of tasty muffins with one of the following...
  67. I scoffed when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted....
  68. Best pop single of the past 10 years
  69. Worse lyrics by a Coachella act
  70. Jobs Plan
  71. Who is the bigger grump?
  72. Touchin on butts, huggin on mutts, hi fivin sluts
  73. Gob's Plan
  74. On/Upon
  75. What Color Is Annie Clarks Butthole?
  76. What Color Is Annie Clarks Butthole?
  77. David Bowie's best album?
  78. Metal Machine Music - best side
  79. Then we come to the farmlands, and the undeveloped areas
  80. Coachella 2012 or Game of Thrones Season 2?
  81. WORST lyrics by a Coachella act (Now with poll!)
  82. What is the best nut?
  83. Fuck you
  84. Will you marry me?
  85. Best Chocolate Milk
  86. Stone Roses or Pulp?
  87. A-Trak vs. Armand Van Helden
  88. Which is your favorite Schopenhauer quote?
  89. Can stupid people and smart people be good friends?
  90. (Lemme Hear You Say) FIGHT THE POWER
  91. Should polls be shitcanned?
  92. Should polls be shitcanned? (new and improved version - with voting)
  93. How much do you spend on average per week on food?
  94. How many hours a day do you watch television, on average?
  95. How often do you have soup?
  96. What is your favorite Pink Floyd record?
  97. Displaying Your Unique and Extraordinary Taste
  98. How Bummed are you about missing Pre-Sale?
  99. Will You Let Me Photograph You Naked?
  100. The Elephants Come Marching
  101. D word
  102. Best Potential (Realistic) 2012 Headliners Poll
  103. How many times a week do you masturbate?
  104. Google Music
  105. Sigur Rós headlining...
  106. Chick from Portishead vs. Fever Ray vs. Bjork
  107. iphone bumpers/cases/etc
  108. How often/much do you read these forums?
  109. Best 2012 Fake Poster
  110. FUCK YOU! (Animal Edition)
  111. Magic the Gathering
  112. New Year's Eve
  113. FUCK YOU! (amyzzz inspired insect edition)
  114. FUCK YOU! (Reptiles & amphibians)
  115. Have you purchased your coachella tickets yet?
  116. 2012 Lineup?
  117. The 2012 poster color will be...
  118. The 2012 poster color will be... 2.0
  119. Explosions in the Sky vs. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  121. ~~ Official 2012 Lineup Approval Rating ~~
  122. Which week(s) you attending for Coachella 2012
  123. 2012 Chicks at Coachella
  124. 2012 Chicks at Coachella - with poll
  125. Will TomAz make another stupid poll before Coachella?
  126. February 2012 Book Club Selection
  127. What shoes do you wear at Coachella?
  128. do you still buy albums?
  129. Which Company Flow thread is best?
  130. DRUGS (ROUND 2)
  131. Best Pop Song (coachella version)
  132. Best Pop Song (coachella version)
  133. ~~ Official 2012 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ FEBRUARY
  134. the shins v fleet foxes v band of horses
  135. Daft Punk Vs. Swedish House Mafia
  136. Favorite PotvsKtl Thread
  137. Radiohead 2012: the greatest Coachella set ever?
  138. What exactly is Bro-step?
  139. Bon Iver vs Flying Lotus vs GY!BE vs Jeff Mangum
  140. Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich
  141. Hangout Music Festival (kicks Coachellas Ass) Lineup vs. Coachella
  142. Were you molested?
  143. Where do you live?
  144. There are many stories in outer space, but which one is true?
  145. No Daft Punk, again? What's the point of living?
  146. No Jack Johnson, again? What's the point of living?
  147. SBTRKT or MSTRKRFT ?!!
  148. What if Daft Punk and Radiohead played at the same time, which one would you see?
  149. If Daft Punk was playing against a pickle, who would you go see?
  150. RHCP vs BLACK KEYS - as a headliner
  151. Are you going to register your wristband?
  152. I am going to flip a coin
  153. How Much Cash Do You Bring?
  154. ween vs the flaming lips
  155. Which Headliner/Co-Headliner are you most disappointed to not see on the lineup?
  156. Which Headliner/Co-Headliner are you most disappointed to not see on the lineup?
  157. Squirrel or Chipmunk?
  158. ~~ Official 2012 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ MARCH
  159. Best Closing Act
  160. When you sell tickets to people you know, do you ask for the exact cost or round it?
  161. Have you had an amazing time at Coachella without d?
  162. Will the World End on December 21st 2012?
  163. Coachella Demographics for 2012: The Poll
  164. When will the SET TIMES be released?
  165. Dubstep or Screamo?
  166. Is it really better to give than to receive?
  167. ~~ Official 2012 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ APRIL (Pre-fest)
  168. 2CI
  169. Alcohol or Coachella?
  170. Polls: Do you take them?
  171. flying lotus or amon tobin?
  172. So who's going?
  173. What's your favorite stage/tent at the festival?
  174. Will it RAIN W1?
  175. Bronies @ Coachella
  176. how big is my potato
  177. If you had tho choose only two days...
  178. If you had to chose only one day...
  179. Will Dre and Snoop Run Over Curfew?
  180. Will Dre and Snoop Run Over Curfew?
  181. Will Dre pay to play past 1am?
  182. Modeselektor or Dj Shadow?
  183. How many bands will you see per day (2012)?
  184. Most Notable Coachella Mass Trollings
  185. For all you people who like taking polls
  186. How many times did you POOP in the port-a-pottys?
  187. Best Headliner 2012 Weekend 1
  188. Meet up? Coachella Weekend 2!!!!!
  189. ...
  190. Best Headliner 2012
  191. The weekend 1 vs weekend 2 poll
  192. New Pro-Ject Debit III vs Used Technics SL-1200mk2
  193. To those who went both Weekends, which Weekend was better?
  194. the Weeknd Weekend 1 vs. the Weeknd Weekend 2
  195. Weekend 1'ers, will you attend W1 again next year?
  196. GIRLS ONLY: how early did you start masturbating?
  197. BOYS ONLY: how early did you start masturbating?
  198. Test/Delete This Please
  199. Nolan Vs Burton
  200. The Hot Sauce Poll
  201. Smith's Reunion: Worth Going Vegetarian ?
  202. Will weekend one sell out in the presale? (2013)
  203. ~~ Official 2012 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ POST-Fest
  204. Sweet or Salty?
  205. Oasis vs. Radiohead - "Little by Little"
  206. Cat Power vs. Fiona Apple - "Werewolf"
  207. do you share information regarding drug use with medical staff?
  208. Best Childhood Sitcom
  209. Which was the best TGIF sitcom during the 90s?
  210. theklein25 reviews
  211. What is goiing to happen Tuesday 6PM PDT?
  212. Will S.S. Coachella sell out?
  213. How would you pay for a 4th day of Coachella(Thursday)
  214. DC vs Marvel
  215. London Olympic Opening Ceremony
  216. Women of the Coachella message board...
  217. Men of the Coachella message board...
  218. Men of the Coachella Message Board, part 2
  219. Best Stones album
  220. Best Stones single
  221. Best Stones single
  222. Did GV get Daft Punk for 2013?
  223. Did GV get Justin Bieber for 2013?
  224. Best Stones single, Part II
  225. Would you Rob a Bank?
  226. Do you regret donating to KCRW that one time?
  227. Mansun (Can the power of gold's voice make this happen?)
  228. Greatest Movies of all time, part 1 (based on RTs)
  229. Yet another Rolling Stones poll
  230. Electoral Vote Guesses
  231. Greatest Movies of All Time, Part 2
  232. Who would be billed higher?
  233. Whenever Daft Punk headlines, what day would you like it to be on?
  234. Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Florence & the Machine
  235. Is Kelly Clarkson the same shit as Britney Spears?
  236. Will U2 ever play coachella?
  237. Which Artist has Performed at Every Coachella? 99 -11
  238. Guns
  239. Best Chemical Brothers Song
  240. Best Music Streaming/Hosting Service
  241. Best Music Streaming/Hosting Service
  242. When will the lineup be released?
  243. You can only have one of these headliners this year...
  244. How are you going to read the lineup when it comes out?
  245. You must unfortunately have one of these headliners also..
  246. What day will the line up come out?
  247. You can only have one of these reunions this year:
  248. What weekend of Coachella 2013 are you attending?
  249. Will we see a "Next Week...." Friday 1/18
  250. What day will the lineup be released? [round2]