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  1. The Epic Battle Of All Conflicts: Pavement Vs. Orbital
  2. Conflicting Acts: Miike Snow or Phoenix
  4. 2011 hopefull.
  5. Should the bastards in charge of the traffic hellhole be beaten to death?
  6. Coachella 2010 Was it worth it?
  7. Best Day of 2010
  8. Best Day 2010
  9. GORILLAZ : Sunday Night Headlining Set!
  10. Best Sahara Show of 2010
  11. Best Sahara Show of 2010
  12. Best Sahara Show of 2010
  13. Gorillaz set
  14. Best Live Show of 2010
  15. Coachella 2011: Will you be back?
  16. Coachella 2011, will you be back? (with a real poll)
  17. Headliner of the Year?
  18. Random Hookups Poll
  19. void
  20. Did Muse's performance convert you into a fan?
  21. What are you giving Fancy for bootleg of Fever Ray
  22. Why do you own an apple computer?
  23. If Bowie ever headlined.....
  24. Favorite 1979 album?
  25. Favorite Album 1991
  26. Favorite 1984 album?
  27. Which 2010 Album Is Yr Fave?
  28. Favorite 1991 Album?
  29. Favorite 1991 Album? (The Poll)
  30. Favorite 1971 album
  31. So, in hindsight, MGMT or Gorillaz?
  32. Who is killing Coachella?
  33. Would you pay more $$ for a ticket if it meant reducing capacity?
  34. Do you think it's alright to push through the crowd to get good seats?
  36. How do you feel about singing along with the band?
  37. Damon Albarn or James Murphy?
  38. The "(TinyChat) is SO HOT RIGHT NOW" thread is SO HOT RIGHT NOW
  39. Nevermind
  40. Was Obama Born in the USA?
  41. The Stones or The Who
  42. The Wall in 2011
  43. Radiohead vs. Built To Spill
  44. Radiohead vs. Built To Spill
  45. Beatles vs. Velvet Underground
  46. Best LCD Soundsystem Songs
  47. Best LCD Soundsystem Songs
  48. Radiohead vs. Pink Floyd
  49. Which 6/4 L.A. show is best?
  50. Is this the greatest goal ever?
  51. Is this the greatest goal ever?
  52. Who works the pole best orally based on documented footage?
  53. Best Album since London Calling?
  54. Portable TV/DVD player.
  55. Favorite drunkard
  56. Wedding Bar
  57. Best set of EDC 2010
  58. World Cup Quarterfinals!
  59. When was the last time you purposefully listened to a cassette tape all the way thru?
  60. Did you find 'Days of Heaven' with Richard Gere to be a quality piece of art?
  61. delete
  62. What are your favorite albums of the 00's?
  63. The Suburbs vs OK Computer
  64. The Suburbs vs Plastic Beach
  65. Most overstated backlash
  67. World's Best Continent?
  68. Best single digit poll.
  69. Best European Festival
  70. Best European Festival
  71. The Cars or The Arcade Fire
  72. Apples vs Oranges
  73. What's Better: Great Sex, or Arcade Fire
  74. Soundgarden at Coachella 2011?
  75. Nine Inch Nails Vs. Tool
  76. In how many days will Coachella 2011 sell out of tickets?
  77. Whats your type of electronic music?
  78. Will David Bowie ever tour again?
  79. Where will the sun rise tomorrow?
  80. Best album of 2010 so far: The Poll
  81. All in favor...
  82. Is ok to hate when ...
  83. Best September Album
  84. Top TWO senses
  85. Do you want Lady Gaga at Coachella 2011?
  86. deleted
  87. Lady Gaga 2011 -- You design the Show!
  88. Best Album of 2010 so far?
  89. A Perfect Circle.....which Album is the better of 3 ?
  90. Going to the Restore Sanity to America rally?
  91. Going to Stephen Colbert's "Keep Fear Alive" rally?
  92. Mix Exchange Reboot - Theme Voting
  93. Jack White vs. Dan Auerbach
  94. Arcade Fire - Pretentious Self-Righteous Wankers or Affably Awkward Dorks?
  95. Was music in 2009-2010season better than 2010-2011season?
  96. Mystical Battle: Bjork vs. Karin Dreijer Andersson
  97. What to call someone who bumps all the old polls
  98. Led Zeppelin vs Rolling Stones
  99. The Clash vs. The Police
  100. Led Zeppelin vs. Rolling Stones w/ POLL
  101. Do You Use Some Form Of Moistened Paper To Wipe When You Poop?
  102. Fever Ray Vs. Silent Shout
  103. Merriweather Post Pavilion Vs. Person Pitch
  104. Underworld or Daft Punk?
  105. The Critics Love Them But You Think They Suck
  106. Should we make it longer time period to add a poll?
  107. An Actual Poll for the Critics Love Them But You Don't Thread
  108. Will you ontact CoachellaRides?
  109. AxL Rose vs Billy Corgan in Douche Match!!!
  110. How much does Michael Buble suck?
  111. Funeral vs The Joshua Tree
  112. Polly Jean Harvey VS Beth Gibbons
  113. Coldplay v.s. Kings of Leon: More insufferable 2011 headliner
  114. Bands in Advertising: Yes or no?
  115. Wikileak's Julian Assange : Hero or Villian?
  116. Wikileaks Poll: Hero or Villian
  117. Wikileaks Poll: Hero or Villian
  118. Damn Internetz!
  119. Is Music Truly Subjective?
  120. Selfish People's Opinions Wanted
  121. Is Ron dead?
  122. WHATS 80'S nostaliga non-headliner BAND DO YOU WANT TO PLAY COACHELLA 2011
  123. Bold, Italic or Underline?
  124. What color will the 2011 poster be?
  125. Sublime Vs. Nirvana
  126. Modest Mouse vs Strokes
  127. Inflatables?
  128. Most annoying attendee
  129. Bauhaus vs Joy Division
  130. What will you do when we don't get Daft Punk?
  131. Worst critically acclaimed band of the decade
  132. Worst critically acclaimed band of the decade
  133. Chinese vs Indian
  134. Arcade fire headlining?!
  135. Bill Maher, Colbert, Stewart
  136. Kid vs. Play
  137. Bring Jack White to Coachella!
  138. Does TomAZ even dance?
  139. Does TomAZ even dance?
  140. A handy "What gender is that user?" Cheatsheet.
  141. What day will the lineup drop?
  142. what will coachella 2011 bring us?
  143. what will coachella 2011 bring us?
  144. where's everybody from?
  145. Fuddruckers vs. Five Guys burgers
  146. Best burger?
  147. Where will you lay your head at Coachella 2011?
  148. Where are you staying in 2011?
  149. Bigger sell out: Black Keys vs. Vampire Weekend
  150. Coachella Message Board Book Club, January 2011 Edition: VOTE HERE
  151. Christmas vs. The Day the Line-up Comes Out
  152. In which the hivemind suggests the dumb hat that I wear to Coachella 2011
  153. ArE yOu AcTuAlLy GoInG 2 cOaChElLa ThIs YeAr?
  154. Ricky Gervais performance at Golden Globes
  155. Poontang
  156. ~~ Official 2011 Lineup Approval Rating ~~
  157. Which day are you most looking forward to?
  158. Which 3-Day lineup is best?
  159. WIRE vs London Suede??
  160. Campgrounds get COLD at night. What should I jam up my butt?
  161. Whats your plan for places to stay.
  162. Nevermind
  163. Coachella Demographics for 2011
  164. When will Coachella 2011 sell out?
  165. Coachella 2011 - Night in most need of additions?
  166. Super Bowl Thread
  167. Coachella SOLD OUT because...
  168. Ladies: Shaved coin purse or dental floss?
  169. IF attending in 2011, where from?
  170. The REAL Reason Coachella is a SELL OUT
  171. The REAL Reason Coachella is a SELL OUT
  172. The REAL Reason Coachella is a SELL OUT
  173. Best Bright Eyes Album?
  174. Crystal Castles 2011 - Make Your Prediction
  175. Hardstyle vs Hardcore
  176. Whose death would upset you the most?
  177. Which team will have more fans arrested for sex with a minor?
  178. Best Movie of the Year
  179. Camping Conundrum: What would you do?
  180. Legit or Sketch?
  181. Yes or No
  182. whats the best kings of leon song
  183. ~~ Official 2011 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ FEBRUARY VERSION
  184. What's Your Favorite Phase of the Moon?
  185. Basement Jaxx or LCD Soundsystem?
  186. Will Daft Punk Show Up With Kanye?
  187. What is Dance Magic?
  188. What is Dance Magic?
  189. What is Dance Magic?
  190. What is Dance Magic?
  191. Why is Dance Magic?
  192. What's the best planet in the universe?
  193. COACHELLA or Bannaroo???
  194. What is your favorite Radiohead album?
  195. Worst Coachella Headliners
  196. Worst Coachella Headliners
  197. adjustment bureau VS. battle of los angeles
  198. Best song of 2011
  199. Fork or Spoon?
  200. Which TinyChat is SO HOTTER RIGHT NOW?
  201. Best Strokes album
  202. What is your favorite GLEE album?
  203. The King of Limbs
  204. Kanye: which song about lights ?
  205. The Black Keys vs. Radiohead
  206. Strokes vs. Kanye
  207. Do you love me...(2011 version)
  208. Best Strokes Song
  209. Best Strokes Song
  210. The Political Party Poll!
  211. If downloading albums cost $4 would you buy more often?
  212. Lotus vs Candyass
  213. Which is thinner?
  214. Mosh Pits, Weak Nosed Need Not Apply
  215. What % of the audience do people like us make up
  216. What picture should I choose?
  217. ~~ Official 2011 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ MARCH VERSION
  218. How will you show your wristband?
  219. would you enter a campground wet tshirt contest?
  220. The Official 2011 Girl to Guy Ratio Poll
  221. How many people are you camping with?
  222. Do you or do you not want Kings of leon to cancel their appearance at coachella?
  223. Do you or do you not want Kings of leon to cancel their appearance at coachella?
  224. When does the Coachella experience start for you?
  225. Which college should I go to?
  226. Gas, Grass, or Ass?
  227. How full is your PM box?
  228. What is the hottest EDM (all electronic genres) track you've been hearing lately?
  229. What is your lodging situation this year?
  230. What will you do if it rains?
  231. Beard Versus Moustache
  232. Choose your weapon
  233. Choose your weapon....
  234. 2011 Lineup: Which day is the most stacked?
  235. Campsite Sexxxin Hygiene
  236. Which Coachella is this for you?
  237. Here It Is.
  238. ~~ Official 2011 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ APRIL (pre fest) VERSION
  239. What bag?
  240. Coachella 2011 Passes Distribution System Satisfaction Survey
  241. What did you sleep on?
  242. The music or the atmophere...what's more important?
  243. The music or the atmophere...what's more important? (with poll)
  244. Kanye vs. ??? on the Outdoor
  245. Best year for lurking boards for lineup rumors
  246. How are you rolling in each day?
  247. How many peeps in your crew?
  248. When do you think the setlist will be released?
  249. How Many Threads Asking When The Set Times Will Be Released Do You Think Will Be Made
  250. How many beers does it take you to get drunk?