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  1. what gets you off?
  2. wanna be frenz
  3. Blitzen Trapper or Dr. Dog?
  4. VILLAINS-final round
  5. children poll
  6. A man goes crazy with computer game!
  7. do you get
  8. Timeslot Wars!!!
  9. Bjork's "Thank You" vs Leonard Cohen's "Thank You Friends"
  10. All Points West VS Lollapalooza
  11. Best Main Stage Act 2009
  12. Best Sahara Act 2009
  13. Headliners 2010 (Wishful Thinking)
  14. Headliners 2010 (Wishful Thinking)
  15. ~~ Official 2009 Lineup Approval Rating HONEYMOON version ~~
  16. oh shit
  17. REAL 2009 Sahara thread
  18. Should I have another glass of scotch?
  19. Paul vs Waters (post paul)
  20. the 2009 which summer festivals are you going to?
  21. Choose your favorite FF
  22. My Bloody Valentine
  23. I suck, my life sucks, it all sucks.
  24. Which is the better outdoor venue?
  25. Survey for a Grad Student
  26. Cold War Kids
  27. Cold War Kids...Poll this time
  28. Did Boourns Get laid Last Night?
  29. Who's hotter?
  30. Where Did You Spend Most of Your Time? 2009 Edition
  31. How many people do you go to Coachella with?
  32. sex bots or endless amount of buffalo wings
  33. Cinco de Mayo
  34. Underworld v Tool???
  35. Women, would you date a guy shorter than you?
  36. Who will get booted from American Idol May 6, 2009?
  37. What 2009 Summer Blockbuster Will you be seeing?
  38. Sasquatch Conflicts
  39. Heaviest Song Ever
  40. Which year was DANCECHELLA
  41. what would you rather do
  42. New Headliner Poll
  43. Classic Headliner
  44. who is the king?yahoo vs google
  45. what are you listening now?
  46. need help!!!!
  47. Alaska or a summer music festival
  48. Should I kick my brother out of my apartment?
  49. Time Travel
  50. the stupidest poll
  51. Which of the ten highest posters would you vote for?
  52. Medicine problems
  53. Has Coachella reached a plateu in terms of headliners?
  54. a new kind of poll...
  55. Best Afternoon Sahara act?(before 6 pm)
  56. the greatest drummers ever
  57. Clubs Vs Small Venues Vs Amp/Arenas
  58. which is worse
  59. Led Zeppelin
  60. "Microphone" vs. "Landscape" metal water bottle?
  61. Palm Pre Vs. New I-Phone 3GS
  62. maths
  63. what is my dads name
  64. will the ussr rise again?
  65. Cheap meds
  66. Who creates the failest pole threads?
  67. whats your favorite shock site
  68. Will you post in this thread?
  69. Is the sky blue or not?
  70. Vampires
  71. Beastie Boys VS Tool
  72. Are You Allowed
  73. Guess who person 2 is
  74. its time
  75. Are Arguments on the message board:
  76. Soaps sex story mirrors reality
  77. Tiger vs Bear.. who eats who
  78. Culture Shock
  79. petition to ban passivetheory
  81. unitedwestand vs frenzplz
  82. HOW MANY!?
  83. do YOU think we landed on the moon in 1969?
  84. Debt
  85. Fast Food Tax?
  86. Where did TomAz go on vacation?
  87. Top 5 music festivals in the world.
  88. Best John Hughes Movie Of The 80's.
  89. Is The Top 10 Greatest BANDS Thread's Rules Fucking Stupid Or What?
  90. From now on EVERY show should be at The Forum!!! :)
  91. Will you ever attend another HARD event?
  92. At what age are you too old to be at a rave?
  93. is nipples still a bitch?
  94. how do you download?
  95. joy division vs new order
  96. Does she have money in tha bank?
  97. Radiohead Cover, Creep 2010
  98. Who's Radiohead Cover was better at Coachella?
  99. New sublime singer
  100. Which show would you go to?
  101. Greatest Reunion Ever!!!!!
  102. Bacon Vs Sausage
  103. Best Shoegaze Band
  104. Who will win the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series?
  105. Tommy vs. Quadrophenia
  106. Did you post your tits on the internet?
  107. echo park vs los feliz vs silverlake vs franklin village
  108. Of the top 10 Coachella posters, whom would you like to "hit it"?
  109. Is Lady Gaga Male or Female
  110. Could Pavement Headline?
  111. How should Vampire Weekend die?
  112. Would the Fugees or Outkast headline?
  113. did the flaming lips just suck on the tonight show?
  114. The 2010 Headliner Hurt/Heal Game - WHEN DOES IT END?
  115. funk-rock or funk-rock
  116. Who do you miss most from Coachella 2009?
  117. Who do you miss most from Coachella 2009?
  118. Help me choose a concert.
  119. Your least favorite forum on the Coachella boards
  120. Your most favorite forum on the Coachella boards
  121. Purple Rain vs Sign O' The Times
  122. how many kroqken threads are there?
  123. Who Would You WATCH Headline Coachella?
  124. Who would you WATCH headline Coachella?
  125. Who would you WATCH headline or sub Coachella?
  126. How will you say "2010"
  127. Coachella Fans for Better Beer
  128. Which "reunion" could headline?
  129. who will be the next board member to be banned?
  130. Help TallGuyCM pick a show...
  131. ACDC asa a headliner
  132. The Forgiveness Poll
  133. Which set of headliners would you rather see for 2010
  134. Which set of headliners would you rather see for 2010
  135. What would you rather see for 2010?
  136. Pavement or Joy Division
  137. Which Arcade Fire song makes you cry most?
  138. 5th annual mountmccabe listens to a band a day week reader poll
  139. 5th annual mountmccabe listens to a band a day week poll (with checkboxes!)
  140. Which Would You Care More About?
  141. Who Would You Kill First?
  142. If Dave Matthews played at coachella...
  143. If Dave Matthews played at coachella...
  144. Which classic metal act could fit in at Coachella?
  145. Most Likely for 2010...
  146. What Rap/ Hip Hop Act would you most like to see?
  147. who is the hottest or more bad ass fang banger?
  148. What's your favorite flavor of Cheetos?
  149. When you sign into the message board do you...
  150. groove armada live vs basment jaxx live?
  151. Most Depressing thing in the 'Anxiety, Depression, Medication, Mental Health' thread?
  152. Lebron James 2010 Predictions
  153. coachella 2010 - happening?
  154. Buy Effexor
  155. Best PT Anderson Film?
  156. Best PT Anderson film?
  157. What main color will the 2010 message board have?
  158. When you saw Fever Ray which song made you melt?
  159. Should Red Hot Chili Peppers continue w/o John?
  160. Do you drink and drive?
  161. How many layers of protection do you use...
  162. Emo band of 2010
  163. viagra assistance program - Quality Brand & Generic Drugs
  164. Thin Crust Vs DEEP dish
  165. Randolph: Do you miss Him?
  166. Are you in favor of Full-Body Airport Scans?
  167. Favorite American War
  168. Favorite American War with Poll this Time
  169. Which is better?
  170. when will dubstep blow over?
  171. Best Dubstep tune of 09?
  172. DnB: who gives a fuck?
  173. Since In's and out's are gonna be allowed this year
  174. The Rapture Vs. Phoenix
  175. If Pavement doesn't play...
  176. When do you think the lineup will come out?
  177. Which is the worst Coachella rumor/news site?
  178. Best Fake 2010 Poster
  179. Best uses for retired Space Shuttle?
  180. Does the economy still impact your decision to go?
  181. ~~ Official 2010 Lineup Approval Rating ~~
  182. What do you think of the Coachella 2010 Lineup?
  183. Of the 3-Day Coachellas, which lineup is your fave?
  184. Should Panda Bear Be Added To The Lineup?
  185. Should LCD Soundsystem Headline The Sahara Friday?
  186. (unconventional) Jazz and Funk
  187. Bassnectar or Deadmau5
  188. In 2010, which Coachella Fest day will be the best?
  189. Are you going to Coachella this year? 2010 edition
  190. Single Day Pass vs. 3-Day Pass
  191. Single Day Pass vs. 3-Day Pass
  192. Do you want to go on a Coachella date with me?
  193. Happy with headliners?
  194. Who'd you rather?
  195. Polls
  196. New headliner?
  197. Re-Name the Outdoor Stage
  198. the new Apple ipad possible uses at coachella
  199. Coachella Demographics for 2010
  201. Coachella Demographics for 2010: The Poll
  202. Most hateful board member?
  203. ~~ Official 2010 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ FEBRUARY VERSION
  204. 2pac vs. Biggie
  205. Most anticipated Sahara performance?
  206. Most anticipated Sahara performance??
  207. Will sly stone show up and play?
  208. MGMT vs. Gorillaz
  209. Coachella 10' vs. Bonnaroo 10'
  210. Most anticipated Subheadliner 2010
  211. Destined to be doomed By overhype
  212. Board member's most desired set @ Coachella 2010
  213. Juggalo vs. Guido vs. Nascar/Larry Cable Guy Fan
  214. Juggalo vs. Guido vs. Nascar/Larry Cable Guy Fan
  215. Best chance for a reunion?
  216. Coachella 2010 or Fauxchella 2010?
  217. Make $3500+ PER month guaranteed.... with surveys for money
  218. Headliner Fight!
  219. Which Coachella(s) that you missed, do you wish you were at the most?
  220. Do you like to make polls?
  221. Make $3500+ PER month guaranteed.... with surveys for money
  222. ~~ Official 2010 Lineup Approval Rating ~~ MARCH VERSION
  223. Discover amazing home based business opportunity - earn 15KUSD/month
  224. The Official Coachella Board Lurkers & Members Flash Mob Thread Poll!
  225. "Best Movie" Oscar Poll 2010
  226. Who is going to close the Sahara while Tiesto closes the main?
  227. Which possible Sahara act should conflict with Gorillaz?
  228. Do you love me...(2010 version)
  229. Best Gorillaz Album
  230. What do you spend the most money on AT Coachella?
  231. McClane vs Star Jones vs Skeletor vs Stay Puft
  232. Are The xx Over-Rated?
  233. Can you predict when Coachella 2010 will sell out?
  234. The Official 2010 Campground Cookout: Poll 01... Meeting Time
  235. lollapalooza 2010 vs. austin city limits 2010
  236. Soundset Minneapolis
  237. Best New Side Project
  238. What band/artist will Mike Patton talk shit on this year?
  240. Smoothie made of rape and dickblood VS. Sublime with a bag of Arby's
  241. Since camping is sold out...
  242. Sunglasses?
  243. Sublime or the kid across the street learning to play the drums in his garage
  244. First thing you notice on a girl at Coachella?
  245. Most anticipated indie/experimental act to smoke a fatty to
  246. Lifetime Achievement Award
  247. PARTY CAT: Friend or Foe?
  248. Most "overdropped" song
  249. Most "overdropped" song
  250. Set-Times Approval Rating 2010