Coachella pictures

  1. My 1st year at Coachella, believe it was 2007.
  2. Forgot this dudes name but he came out in a couple good flicks.
  3. Liked this picture so much, I tattooed it on my arm.
  4. Can only breath in so much dust,lol.
  5. Me and Manny.
  6. Ghetto Boombox.
  7. These costumes were awesome.
  8. With a couple friends in 2011.
  9. Me and Gerald.
  10. Took a picture with Bam, found out later he grabbed Babys butt. What a Jackass, lol
  11. Another one of me and mine =)
  12. 2011
  13. Our third year going VIP
  14. My 1st year with some friends.
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