– > We kept these  for 3 months after the festivals. Unclaimed items were donated.

Over 500 phones were turned in over the course of the weekends.  Most were successfully reunited with their owners. 

After hunting down and contacting as many people related to these phones as possible, below are the left overs, aprox. 36 phones. 35 phones 34 phones…etc. etc. 

We have iphone 3’s, 4s, and 5’s, some samsungs, LGs and Misc. 

We do NOT have any iphone 5C

If you are missing one of those types of phones, please email us at

Include make, model, color, carrier, background image, IMEI number, cover, and other detailed info that could help identify the phone as yours.  For iphones we have plugged them all into itunes and have a “name” of the phone for most.   Almost all phones were charged and investigated for info.