2015 ADA info

Access Service Centers:

The Access Service Center is located in the venue lobby. Please see the festival map or contact the nearest event staff worker. The Access Service Center dispense assistive listening receivers & headsets and alternative format materials. The Access Service Center is staffed by customer service personnel. This is also a designated location for wheelchair battery recharging.

Alternate Format Materials:

Accessibility guides will be available at the Access Service Center. If you cannot find a guide, please ask the nearest Event Staff Worker.

Assistive Listening Systems:



Accessible Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are located throughout the venue. Please refer to the festival map for locations.

Concession Stands:

Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival features concession stands and bars that are accessible for patrons with disabilities. If assistance is required at any of the food service areas, please contact the nearest festival staff.

Medical related items (food included) may be brought in provided a proper dr. note and / or prescription detailing the necessity of the item that is not already available for purchase on site.

Will there be vegetarian/vegan food offered? Kosher? Gluten Free?

Yes. both!  And gluten free food.  And fresh fruit.  All kinds of stuff.  Kosher too.


Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival personnel have been trained in proper emergency preparedness.

First Aid:

There are several First Aid locations through out the venue. Please refer to the festival map for locations.

Interpreting Services:

Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival will have sign language interpreters during the following performances:

Friday – AC/DC, Interpol, Steely Dan

Saturday – Jack White, The Weekend, alt-J

Sunday – Drake, Florence, Ryan Adams

The interpreters will be located to the right side of the stages. An interpreter will also be available at the Access Center. Any specific artist interpreting requests need to be made at least 4 weeks prior to the festival at: ada@coachella.com.

Local Transportation (offsite):

SunLine Transit Agency – Paratransit (OFFSITE) transportation is available to ADA certified passengers. Out of area ADA passengers are entitled to use our services for up to 21 days per year. These clients must notify SunLine at least a week in advance and are required to submit proof of their eligibility from their current Transit Agency. The festival grounds are not in the SunLine service area. ADA Clients going to the festivals are transported to bus stops and must secure another mode of transportation. Taxi cabs will be staged in the BevMo! parking lot in La Quinta on Hwy 111 & Depot Drive. ADA Clients who opt to utilize this mode are instructed to notify the taxi service if they are traveling in a mobility device, so the appropriate vehicle is available to transport them. SunLine Regulatory Transit Agency. Administration 760-343-3456 M-F 8am-5pm After Hours, Holidays & Weekends call 800-347-8628.


Please READ this NEW Information:
Please be advised that law enforcement WILL verify that each vehicle’s ADA PLACARD or LICENSE PLATE corresponds with current DMV registration along with matching ID of the ADA patron inside the vehicle at the time of arrival. In addition, all patrons inside of the vehicle must be wearing their festival wristbands. Once all is verified, you will then be instructed where to park.

Please note ADA Parking has moved from previous years. From the 10 freeway or Hwy 111 travel South on Monroe Street to the ADA parking lot labeled “ADA PARKING ONLY” located 1/2 block South of Avenue 51 on the West side, in LOT 11. Parking is limited and vehicle processing and/or line up will not be permitted prior to 9AM.

Absolutely NO PEDESTRIANS will be allowed on Monroe Street between Avenue 49 and Avenue 52 or on Madison between Avenue 50 & 52. There will be NO FESTIVAL ACCESS for pedestrians on Monroe Street. PEDESTRIAN ACCESS IS available via Avenue 49 & Monroe Street and Avenue 52 & Madison Street.


All public restrooms are accessible portable toilets. Please refer to the festival map for locations.

Service Animals:

Animals are not allowed onto the festival grounds, an exception is made for patrons with Service Animals. Patrons requiring further Service Animal assistance need to contact our ADA Coordinator at: ada@coachella.com.

Wheelchair and Companion Seating:

Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival provides designated wheelchair user areas. Please refer to the festival map for locations. To gain access to a wheelchair user area, please visit the Access Center. Access is limited.

Comments, Questions and Suggestions:

Meeting the needs of our fans with disabilities at the Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival is a never-ending commitment. In our quest to continually improve accessibility, we ask that you contact us with your comments, questions and/or suggestions to: ada@coachella.com.