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APR 14-16 & 21-23

Official Waitlist & Fan to Fan Exchange

powered by Lyte


Looking for Passes?

  • Go to this Link:

  • Take your time and select from available pass options. Pricing is dynamic and reflects the market.

  • Your payment information is required to request passes. You will only be charged if we can secure your passes.

  • We will notify you if we can secure your passes.

  • You are welcome to leave the waitlist at any time.

  • Your card will be charged automatically once the pass you are looking for has been found.

  • No payment plans will be available for the waitlist.

  • Please visit http://lyte.com/support if you have additional questions.

Looking to sell your passes?

  • Go to this link: WEEKEND 1 | WEEKEND 2
  • Click “Return Passes” and enter the email address associated with your order and select the passes you'd like try to sell.
  • Your offer will be based on demand. If we can't make you an offer, enter your email address and we'll be in touch if demand increases.
  • Select the passes you wish to return.
  • If you accept the offer, you will be paid 1 business day after the event to your PayPal account.
    • You will receive payment 1 business day after the event to your PayPal account.
    • You can still return your pass after you have received your wristband in the mail however please note that your wristband will be canceled.
    • Passes must be paid in full before being available to be returned.
    • Any returned wristbands that attempt to scan in onsite may result in forfeiture of your refund.
    • Please visit http://lyte.com/support if you have additional questions.

Looking to Swap Weekends? Coming Soon!

The Official Weekend Exchange is the place to exchange weekend passes for Coachella 2023. (For hotel packages please contact info@valleymusictravel.com to inquire about swapping weekends)

    Here's how it works:
  • To request to swap your passes, go to the exchange page for the passes you have. If you have Weekend 1 passes and would like to swap for Weekend 2, go to the Weekend 1 Exchange and click “Swap Passes.” 

  • If you have Weekend 2 passes and would like to swap for Weekend 1, go to the Weekend 2 Exchange and click “Swap Passes.”

  • Follow the magic link to sign in and view any eligible passes you have for Coachella. Select the passes you wish to swap.

  • All swap requests are subject to availability. We will contact you via email once we have an update for you.

  • Passes swapped through the Official Weekend Exchange are always authentic.

  • Helping someone else reach their Coachella weekend goals while you reach yours beats buying and selling from unaffiliated third parties every time!

  • There will be a $50 per pass fee to swap weekends. This will only be charged if we are able to accommodate your swap.

  • Check out additional waitlist & exchange FAQs & how to contact Lyte if your question is not answered.

Looking to sell your passes directly to a friend? Coming Soon!

If you have a Coachella pass and can no longer attend, you can use Private Exchange to sell directly to another fan in your network. Private Exchange ensures authenticity for buyers and provides security for sellers. Follow the steps below to get started.
  • Click the “Sell or Transfer” button from the exchange page
  • Enter your email address to locate passes
  • Select the passes you want to include in your sell link. Only one pass type can be sold per link. If you have multiple pass types you want to sell, you will have to create separate links.
  • Set the price you wish to sell your passes for and enter your PayPal email so you can get paid!. Then click “Continue”
  • Use the “Share” button to copy the link you created so you can share your sell link with friends or other fans.
  • Note your order must be paid in full in order to use Private Exchange 
Once the link is created:
  • You can safely share the link you created via email, SMS or social media. Only someone with access to your link will be able to purchase your pass(es).
  • When a buyer uses your sell link to complete the sale, the passes will be transferred from your account to theirs and you will no longer have access to them.
  • You can deactivate the link at any time before the passes are purchased