Black Car/Limo Pass

Thank you for your interest in the Black Car/Limo Pass. Fill out the following form to request a pass. Please note, that filling out this form will not guarantee you will receive a Black Car/Limo Pass. You must have a valid TCP Number that matches your company or car service in order to qualify for Black Car/Limo Pass purchase.

In order to purchase this pass, your vehicle / shuttle may NOT be any longer than 35’ OR more than 30 people.

Once you fill out the form below, our team will run your TCP Number. If your TCP Number is valid and matches the name of your company/car service and Black Car/Limo Passes are still available, you will be emailed a one time use only purchase link. Once you receive your link, you will be required to enter your vehicle make and model as well as license plate number and pay the $599 per pass fee for town-cars, black cars, limos or $1,099 for shuttle-style / bus type vehicles. If your TCP Number is not valid or demand for Black Car/Limo Passes is too high, you will not receive a link. You may not receive an email of denial due to high demand and inability to provide individual responses.

NO ENTRY or DROP OFFS after 10:00 pm

Only one pass request per driver is allowed. Multiple submissions may invalidate your request. See our Travel FAQ for additional questions.

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