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About Wristband Activation 2017

2017 Wristband Activation

A festival pass is one wristband, good for the entire weekend that you purchased. All people attending the festival must be wearing their wristband upon arrival. You will not be allowed to enter any parking, camping or festival areas without a pass.  2017 wristbands are required to be activated to gain entry into the festival. Wristbands are void if tampered with or removed.

ONLY activate the wristband you will be wearing.
– That means if you bought 2 wristbands for the same weekend, whoever is wearing the 2nd one has to activate theirs on their own coachella.com account.
ONLY activate ONE wristband per (weekend) per Coachella.com account
– Wristbands can only be activated once.
– There are NO Changes after you have activated a wristband.
– It doesn’t matter who ends up wearing it but it must be activated.
– Activate prior to applying it onto your wrist. You will be unable to read your Unique ID number once on your wrist.
– To activate your wristband, simply LOG IN to your existing coachella.com account (or REGISTER a Coachella.com account if this is your first time).  You may also do this via our 2017 mobile app (due out before April).  Please note: just because you ordered passes for Coachella through the ticketing website, doesn’t mean you also created a Coachella.com account.  It’s not the same thing.

Once you have logged in (or after you created a coachella.com account and logged in), scroll down to the “activate your wristband” section on your profile and follow the directions.  You’ll enter your first name, last name, and the wristband number as pictured.

Activate Your Wristband

Upon receipt of your package, if you have any issues or questions regarding your wristband(s), please contact
Festival Ticketing Support:
9-5 Mon-Fri (Arizona Time)
Submit a support ticket: https://support.festivalticketing.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

– Slip UN-tightened wristband over your RIGHT wrist.
– Hold onto the 2 loose ends of the wristband and slide the closure toward your wrist to tighten the wristband.
– DO NOT over-tighten the wristband.
– Leave ONE INDEX FINGER distance of space between your wrist and the wristband for comfort and security.
– The closure slides one-way and CANNOT BE LOOSENED once the wristband is fitted to your wrist. You only get one shot at this so we suggest that you seek the help of another person when applying the wristband.

Do not subject your sensitive RFID wristband to the following: fire, cutting, excessive twisting, pulling, stretching or customization.

– Everyone in your vehicle must have a wristband properly applied on their RIGHT wrist prior to arriving in Indio. You will not be allowed within one mile of the perimeter of the venue without your wristband properly applied on your wrist.
– Police check points will vary from one quarter mile to one mile outside of the festival perimeter. Please have your wristbands properly applied on your wrist prior to your departure to the festival.
-You cannot pass through the police vehicle checkpoints without your wristband properly applied on your wrist.
-You cannot board a hotel shuttle without a wristband properly applied on your wrist and shuttle pass.
-You cannot walk or bike to the festival site without a wristband properly applied on your wrist
– Wristbands are required at all times on festival grounds. You will be subject to ejection with no refund if you take off or tamper with your wristband for any reason. If you have an issue with your wristband please immediately report to security or customer service.
– All wristbands will be checked for proper application by staff.
-A person in possession of a wristband which has been tampered with or altered in any way is subject to ejection from the festival grounds without refund.

To recap, prior to arriving, wristbands must be properly applied on your RIGHT wrist  in order to pass through all police checkpoints surrounding the event by vehicle, bicycle or on foot and activated before entering the venue.


Camping spot decals are non transferable by themselves. They will only work when scanned with the festival pass it was ordered with originally. If you bought 2 festival passes and one camping spot, the camping spot decal will only be valid when scanned with one of the festival passes from that order. This is to help thwart scalping of camping passes and making camping available to actual onsite campers.

If you are picking up your wristband from will call, you can find hours and location HERE. There will be computer kiosks at the festival entrance if you still need to activate your wristband.  This will also be available via our 2017 mobile app.

Do NOT buy from a 3rd party/scalper. We will NOT authenticate or confirm validity of anything bought from a 3rd party/scalper.  You are 100% at your own risk in dealing with 3rd party/scalpers.  We will NOT respond to inquiries about buying or selling passes to/from 3rd parties/scalpers or passes not working that you bought/sold via a 3rd party/scalper. Customer order information, including scan logs, are confidential and will not be released. Activation of a 3rd party bought wristband does not guarantee entrance or customer service should any issues arise.

Please review the frequently asked questions portion of our INFO/FAQ page HERE.

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