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2013 Carpoolchella: Some participants and winners!

2014 Carpoolchella

We teamed up with Global Inheritance to start this CARPOOLCHELLA program back in 2007. Carpool with four (4) or more to a vehicle and you might win…
  •  VIP TICKETS TO COACHELLA FOR LIFE! + many other Prizes…. Such as
  •  PHOTO PASSES (get up close)
Participate by simply writing the word CARPOOLCHELLA on a 8×11 piece of paper (or larger – Get CREATIVE and be easy to SPOT) (You can also just easily print this CARPOOLCHELLA pdf ) and place on the dash and arrive at the festival anytime over the weekend before 2pm on Sunday. During the weekend (Thursday – Sunday), a SECRET SPOTTER will be out at the parking and camping entrances watching people drive in. At random times, random cars with 4 or more people with a CARPOOLCHELLA on their dash or written on their car will be approached for questioning and might possibly win a VIP ticket/pass for life starting in 2014 or one of the other prizes drawn randomly (listed above). Click here for the official rules and regulations – Weekend 1 Click here for the official rules and regulations – Weekend 2

2013 VIP for Life Winners

Joey R. from Rosemead, CA Lisa G. from Los Angeles, CA Michael H. from Whittier, CA Nancy L. from Chino Hills, CA Leann G. from Los Angeles, CA Candice S. From Brea, CA Travis F. From Morro Bay, CA Vernon W. From Cayucos, CA Marilynn L. From San Diego, CA Andrew M. From San Diego, CA