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Restaurant Pop Ups, Craft Food Makers & Spirits

Crossroads Kitchen

Tal Ronnen / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace

Crossroads offers inventive small plates, creative cocktails, and stylish setting – all emphasizing a refined plant-based dining experience. "Mediterranean inspired small plates like lentil flatbread, kale spanakopita, and chile-and-cumin-spiced carrots invite sharing. And the atmosphere encourages you to linger: chandeliers, wing-backed chairs and an original Toulouse-Lautrec print lend an air of sophistication to the restaurant and adjoining private dining rooms."– Sunset Magazine


Jordan Toft / West Hollywood, CA / VIP

Eveleigh “A former Sunset Strip cottage-turned-Kenneth Cole store is now a chic bastion of California cuisine. A top-notch cocktail bar dominates the dining room. But the megasize patio with the cityscape view is the place to be.” – Los Angeles Magazine


Thomas Lim / Los Angeles, CA / VIP

Goldies is the latest edition to a family of genuine community based restaurants. Their laid back atmosphere was designed so that you could come in, have great food, great wine & cocktails.  The cuisine offered is Californian - Definitely our take on mondern Cal-Cuisine, utilizing primitive techniques, with a heavy influence using coal and wood. "Lim's cooking plays with a different set of contradictions. On the one hand, much of it is intensely modern. On the other, the kitchen proudly employs almost primitive techniques, with a majority of the cooking done on an open hearth that burns both coal and wood." –

Chef Josef Centeno (Baco Mercat/Bar Ama/Orsa & Winston)

Josef Centeno / Los Angeles, CA / Rose Garden

We are excited to offer a festival menu with dishes from Josef Centeno’s 3 downtown LA restaurants Bäco Mercat, Bar Amá, and newly-opened Orsa & Winston.  As huge fans of music and the kind of energy and joy it provides, we are thrilled to showcase a glimpse of our culinary energy and joy by bringing a little bit of us to Coachella! "With an inventive menu, smart urban setting and late-night hours, Bäco Mercat already feels like a fixture in the neighborhood. What's not to like? The food is gutsy and delicious, the prices moderate and you can drink — wine, craft beer, cocktails — well too."  – LA Times

Mexicali Taco & Co.

Esdras Ochoa & Javier Fregoso / Downtown LA / Terrace

Since opening, Mexicali Taco & Co has garnered popularity and accolades with it's Northern Baja centric cuisine, flame-grilled meats and abundant salsa bar. The Mexicali street food experience brought to Los Angeles.  

Night + Market

Kris Yenbamroong / West Hollywood, CA / Terrace

Kris Yenbamroong is the chef at NIGHT + MARKET Song in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. He describes his food as equal parts drinking, food and esoteric, regional Thai specialties. Some of his most popular dishes include the “Hey-Ha” party wings, Isaan-style sausages, and “Startled Pig” made up of grilled pork, basil, lemongrass, fish sauce, lime, and bird eye chiles "Talk to 10 food obsessives in LA and approximately eight of them are likely to name Night + Market as their favorite restaurant. This goes for chefs and civilians, culinary explorers and trend followers alike." – Besha Rodell

Stripped Back

Ben Spalding / London, England / Terrace

Ben Spalding is one such chef who has taken to the streets in recent months. He's no stranger to the culinary scene, having spent the past 10 years or so working in some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the country, including bald-headed foodie genius Heston Blumenthal's flagship restaurant, The Fat Duck. Spalding comes with accolades and high praise indeed.

However, he's given it all up to work in abandoned warehouses and corners of primary schools; he works in kitchens without proper fridges or freezers, alongside customers rather than hidden away behind closed kitchen doors. His latest project, Stripped Back, currently in its second year, does exactly that - it strips back food to its essence. He describes it as 'refined street food'. I describe it as bloody excellent. It's affordable (at roughly £30 for four servings with surprises). It's passionate. It's innovative. Spalding cares about what goes on our plates - and we should too. His stint at Street Feast is coming to an end this Friday, coinciding with Street Feast's departure from their Haggerston home at Merchant Yard, but it isn't the last we've seen of Ben Spalding - at Street Feast or on the street food circuit. Exciting things are happening, and I for one will be wherever he lays his knives.


KazuNori / Downtown LA / Rose Garden

KazuNori is a new dining experience presented by the team behind SUGARFISH and Nozawa Bar.

KazuNori will cater to guests who love great sushi, appreciate good value, and desire a healthy, quick meal.

Los Angeles is widely considered the epicenter for of America’s sushi culture, so we think it’s only natural to open KazuNori, the original hand roll bar, in downtown LA. KazuNori is based on Chef Nozawa's signature hand rolls presented in a NEW format — the very first "Hand Roll Bar" of it's kind.

Semi Sweet Bakery

Sharlena Fong and Jimmy James Gonzalez / Downtown LA / Rose Garden

Located in downtown Los Angeles near the corner of 6th & Main St, Semi Sweet Bakery specializes in making handcrafted versions of American Classics and putting their own twist on them. Masterminded by Pastry Chef Sharlena Fong and Chef Jimmy James Gonzales, Semi Sweet brings joy to their customers through such edible delights as Maple Bacon Sticky Buns, Triple Chip Cookies (chocolate, butterscotch & Potato Chips), & Mac & Cheese Empandas.

The Church Key

Steven Fretz / Los Angeles, CA / Rose Garden

Coming to Los Angeles as Executive Chef of XIV marked new frontier in Fretz’s career. In 10 months of being open, Fretz was awarded Angeleno Magazine’s Best New Chef of 2009! Fretz spent 3 years as the Executive Chef of XIV before moving on to a new opportunity with Chef Curtis Stone, taking the position of Executive Chef of Stones Food Inc. It has been a different and challenging experience, the position has given him the opportunity to travel the world and develop skills in international cuisine. The Church Key

Tony’s Darts Away

Erick Simmons / Burbank, CA / Terrace/Beer Barn

Tony’s Darts Away is a bottle free, low waste bar/restaurant serving all beer, wine and sodas on a draught system, minimizing our environmental impact. Our goal is to have a zero waste bar and an almost zero waste kitchen and we use sustainably produced biodegradable materials when available. Our vegan sausages are imported from Oregon and Washington. "If you’re ever in Burbank, or even if you’re not, head to Tony’s Darts Away to soak up that friendly neighborhood vibe. Bond with your fellow bar-goers over how amazing the sausages are."–

Mohawk Bend

Erick Simmons / Echo Park, CA / Terrace/Beer Barn

Mohawk Bend is a pub dedicated to providing the best CA has to offer including craft beer taps, spirits and cocktails, fresh local pub fare -- brick oven pizzas, seasonal salads, decadent desserts and vegan options. "Vegans and carnivores coexist at this “hip” gastropub spotlighting, “inventive”, well-priced eclectic plates, an “unparalleled” beer selection; it’s situated in a “magnificent” beautifully converted movie theater with worn brick walls and a spacious patio with an immense fireplace making for a “charming” milieu for hanging out, day or night." - Zagat

Beer Belly

Wes Lieberher / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace/Beer Barn

Beer Belly is a beer bar focused on serving craft beer and crafty food. We feature craft beers from all over the greater Los Angeles region and are committed to cultivating an appreciation for the quality and creativity that is the foundation of the craft beer movement. "Chef Wes Lieberher, a Philly expat and foolish Michael Vick drafter, takes his bar food ultra-seriously. As for flavors, you can choose between Buffalo Blue, Honey Dijon or Volcano Chipotle -- the spiciest sauce." – [100 Favorite Dishes #44 Hot Wings]

Outstanding In The Field

Enjoy a four course meal served family style and cooked by celebrated Chefs in the beautiful Coachella Rose Garden. A welcoming cocktail, beer and wine are included.  2 dinner seating’s per night to choose from. Outstanding in the Field is a roving culinary adventure.

Their mission is to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it.  Learn more about Outstanding In The Field HERE.

Rory Herrmann

Sprout Restaurant Group / Los Angeles, CA / Outstanding in the Field

Rory Herrmann has tasted the best of both coasts, growing up in the beauty of California and Utah and training in the culinary crucible that is New York City. After training at The French Culinary Institute, Herrmann returned to the West, working at the Sundance Resort in Sundance Village, as the Chef de Cuisine for Casual Dining for Thomas Keller Restaurant Group and now as Director of Culinary Operations for Sprout Restaurant Group.

Clark Staub

Full of Life Flatbread / Santa Barbara, CA / Outstanding in the Field

Each weekend, we convert our production bakery into a restaurant and invite our community to gather around our stone hearth. We use the freshest seasonal ingredients from the local farmers’ markets and sourcing from artisan food producers in our area. "An Organic Gold 5 Star Restaurant that brings the art of food into Family Style Dining. Crave pizza and you will seek the best crust west of the Rockies if not the whole USA. Crave veggies and they've got you covered. Say your stuffed and they bring you more." - [Huffpost Taste]

Steve Samson

Sotto / Los Angeles, CA / Outstanding in the Field Sotto delivers an honest, market-driven menu of regionally-inspired Southern Italian dishes, including fresh housemade pastas and Neapolitan pizza cooked in an artisan wood burning oven. "The menu at least nominally points to southern Italy instead of the requisite Tuscan dishes, with things like smoky grilled cuttlefish with eggplant, lamb ribs glazed with a vinegary reduction and the little dough puffs called pittule -- appetizer doughnuts! -- with fresh ricotta and a drizzle of reduced sweet wine." -

Greg A. Daniels

Salt Air / Venice, CA / Outstanding in the Field

Refined yet eclectic ‘beach bistro’ fare, focusing on fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients. Composed small plates span the fun and familiar, from Pea Toast with ricotta, pea leaves, and caramelized onions to Fish Skin Chips with harissa and smoked onion dip to a Whole Fried Red Snapper simply served with pickled Fresno chiles and lime.

Casey Lane

The Tasting Kitchen / Venice, CA / Outstanding in the Field

The restaurant itself enables those that dine to taste the terroir and cultures we have been handed. A daily menu is a circular confrontation with the cultural meaning of terroir; a constant grappling with authenticity. "I can arrive not terribly hungry, glance at the menu and feel ravenous, the dishes all sound so appealing... This seems like the ideal compromise between familiarity and innovation. And as Americans and Angelenos, we like to have both.." - Irene Virbila []

Christian Page

Short Order / Los Angeles, CA / Outstanding in the Field

Chef Christian Page, a Connecticut native whose background showcases his commitment to the farm-to-table approach, takes full advantage of the California bounty and embraces a "sloppy good" food philosophy, interpreting classic American fare with quality artisanal and locally source ingredients. Christian's food philosophy: "The care one puts into cultivating ingredients is as important as the care that one puts into preparing them. The knowledge required to thoughtfully prepare ingredients is as important as the knowledge required to holistically appreciate then,. Having these elements in harmony is essential to the quality and enjoyment of the end product…and that's how you made fully traceable 'taste good / feel good' food." Chef Christian Page serves innovative Americana cuisine at Short Order- at the Original Farmers Market on 3rd & Fairfax. Currently he's also working in on his new project, Willy B's Hot Sauce, a hot sauce made with all organic ingredients, that are cultured through a raw, fermented process. Follow Chef on Instagram at @cheftione.

Stumptown Coffee Bar

Duane Sorenson / Downtown LA / Portland, OR / Terrace Yurts/Camping Counter

At Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee is king—but it’s still our relationships that really keep us going. Stumptown was started with the goal of doing things differently, with a vision that’s always been a little left-of-center, and with the focus squarely on quality. We source the best coffees in the world. "The coffee itself is delicious, sweet and clean, and drinking it from a stubby makes a difference. Even though it’s chilled there’s no ice, so the flavor is pure and undiluted." –

Salt and Straw Ice Cream

Kim & Tyler Malek / Portland, OR / Terrace Yurts

Salt and Straw Ice Cream is part luck, part strategy and part love. Kim had wanted to open an ice cream scoop shop since 1996. She thought it would be nice to have a local spot where you could run into your neighbors, celebrate with your family, reward yourself...whatever! Kim loves exploring fun, interesting new flavors. "Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache Grandma's almond brittle is taken to the next level with house-made, perfectly soft chocolate ganache." – [Best of The West]

Bon Puf

Cloe Lane / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

Bon Puf puts a modern spin on the classic confection with all natural, organic cotton candy in an array of fun flavors and unexpected toppings. Cloe Lane, owner and creator of Bon Puf began this sweet endeavor during her senior year of high school, inspired by the sweet pufs she enjoyed as a child at the Santa Monica Pier with signature flavors such as Mango Chili and Salted Caramel. "Bon Puf is all about putting a modern spin on the classic cotton candy confection: good ingredients, yummy flavors, whimsy and fun times." –


Cassandra Troy Walker / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts/Camping Counter/VIP

LA based juice shop, Clover, showcases a progressive combination of locally sourced nutritional products that promote heath and wellness. The mission is to make the nutritional benefits of high quality juicing accessible to everyone, while offering a one-stop-shop to quickly grab something delicious and healthy on the go. "Pick up bottled, cold-pressed juices- try the eponymous green with pear, lime and cilantro or a seasonal concoction- or Kombucha on tap, Stumptown coffee, perfect for a post-yoga drop-in from next door." –

Crazy Go Nuts!

Courtney Carini & David Wolfe / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

Crazy Go Nuts! started in late 2013 with 32 burlap sacks of uncracked walnuts. Co-­owner Courtney Carini decided to expand upon a decades old family recipe. She and co-­owner David Wolfe then created six more recipes, and several weeks of trial and error later they had what was the beginning of Crazy Go Nuts! Crazy Go Nuts! walnuts are prepared locally, feature only all natural ingredients, and are vegan friendly and gluten free. Nearly all of the ingredients used are grown and prepared without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Crème Caramel LA

Kristine de la Cruz / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

Crème Caramel LA, has opened a sweet bakeshop in Sherman Oaks. Their crème caramels, custard pies, and bread puddings form the base of their sweet offerings, but since opening, they've expanded their menu to savory quiches and stratas, and other delectable pastries and baked goods. "One forkful and I was totally blissed out—Ms. de la Cruz really hit this one out of the ballpark! Buttery, sweet, warm, salty, soft, and smoky, it was as if the bread pudding was calculated precisely to make me crumble to little pieces." – Gas.tron.o.y []

Dried & True Beef Jerky

Matt Lauster / Venice, CA / Terrace Yurts

Founded in Venice, California, Dried and True’s mission is to create delicious, hand-crafted beef jerky with all natural, high quality ingredients. Starting with lean 100% USDA-inspected American beef, our jerky is low in fat and sodium, and contains no nitrates/nitrites, MSG, or artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals. "Korean BBQ and Sriracha-lime flavors take direct influence from Lauster's L.A. food adventures (he makes his own Sriracha), while classics like "peppered" and "original" are spins on traditional soy-and-Worcestershire-sauce recipes" –

The Fancy Boyz

Richard Rainbolt & Christopher Dibble / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

The Fancy Boyz, a Pop & Pop Shop of Married Duo Rich Rainbolt & Chris Dibble, is an American Bakery, a great mixing bowl of flavors & influences. We believe in using only the highest quality organic, local-when-possible, & seasonal ingredients. We don't do GMO. We are best known for our custom cakes, cookies & brittles. We also make savory treats & custom designed flavors for special events. Our mission is to make the world a bit better from us being in it. We do that by offering treats, little bits of happiness & small luxuries. We work to bring a sense of timelessness to our treats that we craft in Montrose CA.

Le Bon Garcon

Justin Chao  / Moorpark, CA / Terrace Yurts

Handcrafted, French-style caramels cooked to smooth, creamy perfection in small, artisan batches. Le Bon Garcon Salted Buttermilk Caramels are slowly stirred in copper pots in order to coax every artisan batch into reaching its optimal flavor. Le Bon Garcon caramels have been featured in O Magazine and the LA Times."These French-style caramels are handmade in California. It's always hard to give them away!" –

Plush Puffs

Ann Hickey-Williams & Justin Leavens / Burbank, CA / Terrace Yurts

We make marshmallows using quality ingredients and delectable flavors; just like you would use in your own kitchen. Plush Puffs are whipped light and hand-poured into pans before we cut them, giving them their distinct square shape. This traditional process gives Plush Puffs marshmallows more flavor and a better texture than any barrel-shape pumped out of a tube. We believe Plush Puffs hand-crafted marshmallows will change how you think about marshmallows. See our website and follow us on social media for lots of fun ideas!

Sweet Clementine’s Handmade Popsicles

Layne Eiler / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

"Sweet Clementine’s Popsicles is a one-woman operation that turns out fruit-packed ice pops that get our vote for 2013’s best dessert." –

Yes Bar

Abigail Wald / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

It's three bands in and your energy is starting to flag? Time to bust out your secret weapon: The YES Bar. It's a totally healthy, totally yummy treat in a stylin' little package. We're thrilled to be here at Coachella, enjoying the desert fun, and keeping you going from the first note to the last. We'll be there for your early morning breakfast, your late night snack, and for anytime in between when you need a pick me up. Find us in a yurt on the terrace.

Z Confections

Matt Walton / Los Angeles, CA / Terrace Yurts

Coming from a family heritage rich in cooking, Matthew Walton launched Z Confections (named after his grandmother Zelda) in 2011. Z Confections line of highly addictive salted caramel corn was born by serendipity in December 2012. Made from the same premium ingredients in their salted caramel sauce, each kernel of the heavily coated popcorn is an explosion of flavor with the richness of the molasses and dusting of pink himalayan salt coming through every piece. You will be addicted after your first bite!

La Quinta Baking Company

Mark and Kim Gower / La Quinta, CA / Camping Counter

Imagine a charming sidewalk cafe offering informal French cuisine and fresh bakery items in the heart of the Valley at Highway 111 and Washington. Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner in our bistro or enjoy al fresco dining on our pet friendly patio.

Short Order

Christian Page / Los Angeles, CA / Camping Counter

Short Order is a modern interpretation of a classic fast-casual restaurant, offering menu items crafted with locally raised, organic, artisanal and handmade ingredients. The menu showcases the comfort and simplicity of classics – burgers and melts, shakes, fries and salads. "There is so much more than burgers at the Farmers Market restaurant. Case in point: the grilled cheese with Cheddar, Romano and Landaff cheeses starts out pretty innocently, but when you add things like bacon and chilies – and you’ll want to – it becomes positively decadent. " – Zagat

Curated Signature Cocktails In The Rose Garden

Cedd Moses' 213 Bars: Las Perlas, Honeycut, Cana Rum Bar, and Seven Grand will be curating signature cocktail recipes in the VIP Rose Garden.

* All bars at Coachella are operated by Best Beverage Catering.  

Las Perlas

Cedd Moses  / Downtown LA / Rose Garden

Las Perlas pays tribute to mezcal with the same meticulously researched flourishes that Moses' Seven Grand bar pays to whiskey and Scotch." – Las Perlas is curating a signature cocktail in the Rose Garden.

Caña Rum Bar

Cedd Moses / Downtown LA / Rose Garden

Caña Rum Bar features 140 gourmet rums for cocktails that include mojitos, Tiki drinks and margaritas." – Caña Rum Bar is curating a signature cocktail in the Rose Garden.


Cedd Moses/ Downtown LA / Rose Garden

Honeycut is a cocktail bar and disco -- no, really. One room is set up with large comfy circular booths, a bar that takes up the back of the room, and a pool table in the center, while another is outfitted with a light-up dance floor (an analogue LAD dance floor to be exact), a huge selection of (mainly very sweet) cocktails on draft, and live music.” – Honeycut is curating a signature cocktail in the Rose Garden.

Seven Grand

Cedd Moses / Downtown LA / Rose Garden

Explore the international wall of whisk(e)y with selected products spanning the globe. Our seasonal cocktail menu is inspired by vintage and contemporary recipes and builds its foundation on freshly squeezed juice and house-made syrups. Whether you’re here to enjoy your favorite whiskey, a fresh Old Fashioned, a cold craft beer, a rich cigar or a game of pool,  the Seven Grand crew welcomes you to the Whiskey Bar. "a speakeasy-style downtown bar that is now the city’s shrine to the art of the cocktail, the who’s who of the L.A. mixology scene are arriving." – Seven Grand is curating a signature cocktail in the Rose Garden.