Round 2: Britannic Bold Festival vs. Neapolitan Festival

Welcome to round 2 of the create a festival contest. Here the match ups last 4 days instead of 3, in hopes of people taking their time and putting some thought into their vote, because it's pretty important by this time.

So take some time to look past headliners, listen and explore the smaller bands, and take whatever else into account and then cast your vote. Each winner of a round 2 match up will BE REQUIRED to submit set times for the next round. I'll be contacting each winner personally to give them more info on that and the time frame. Failure to submit set times results in you being forced out of the tourney.

Remember, no alias (or those I suspect are aliases) votes, and no one under 100 posts is allowed to vote either. Enjoy.

Britannic Bold Festival:

Neapolitan Festival: