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Thread: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

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    Default House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    There are five people in my group. We are looking for cheap rentals for Coachella weekend 1. We can squish if we need to but just need it reasonably priced

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    Default Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    I stayed with a group of 5 in the PGA West neighborhood in La Quinta and we each paid $400-$500 total for the whole weekend. It is a beautiful gated neighborhood on a golf course!

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    Default Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    I have the following available....

    4 nights 9-13 Aprl in 1BR 2Bath (sleeps 4)
    4 nights 9-13 Aprl in 2BR 2Bath (sleeps 6)
    4 nights 9-13 Aprl in 3BR 2Bath (sleeps 8)

    All the units have fully equipped kitchen (fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, juicer, oven, utensils...everything ), washer+dryer, balcony/patio, dining room, big living room , TV with DVD player (living and bedroom). Comes will all the towels and linens. There is King bed in the master bedroom, Queen in 2nd bedroom and Murphy queen bed in the living room. There is also a full size sofa and a love seat in the living room...

    The lazy river swimming pool at this resort is just marvelous......

    This place is about 5 miles away from the polo ground (venue for coachella/ stage coach).

    Resort link:
    Resort Address: 42-151 WorldMark Way , Indio, CA 92201 , Phone: (760) 342-1040
    Resort Photos:

    VRBO Review:
    Resort review:

    Shuttle: There is no official coachella shuttle. But last couple of years there was a hotel shuttle that charged $15 each way…with every 15 mins of service. Getting cabs is also very easy and they charge $20 each way. Or just show up in the reception area and you can get a free ride from fellow guests.

    Let me know if interested and I will send you the rental contract.


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    Default Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    Thanks for taking up all of the available units to make a profit you douchebag.

    If you aren't planning on staying at that resort, why the hell would you book all of those rooms?

    Obviously, you don't need three units - and you are taking these up for other owners like myself that want to book a room for me and my friends (like we have for the past 6 years).

    Fucking ridiculous that at the first day of the advance reservation period that all of the rooms suddenly disappear to a fucking room scalper. Then you come on here to exploit some nice people that want to go see a show.
    They heard me singing and they told me to STOP.

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    Default Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    Yes there are many hotels to stay at but they raise their prices incredibly as soon as they know dates for the festivals. many require ou to stand in insanely long shuttle rides, or you can chance really expensive cab rides.

    I am a local who lives less than a mile from the polo fields (where coachella is) in the Indian Palms Country Club. My boyfriend and I will be renting out our 2 extra bedrooms for the 3rd year for the festival. We do stay in our room and offer our extra bedroom and our office for rent. we are walking distance from the festival ( keep in mind there is A LOT of walking once you arrive at the property.)

    if you or anyone else is interested for rates please let me know. We offer snacks! a clean house, linens, towels a shared bathroom between the two rented rooms, common space in the living room and kitchen. easy bike ride if you have bikes to bring.

    OK contact me if interested

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    Default Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    Hey Gopal I just want to say a big FUCK YOU for renting units and then renting them out to people, when people like me want to rent a timeshare at Coachella at our own timeshare and we cant because of assholes like you.

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