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Thread: Got Car Camping but need Tent Camping... or a carpool/camp buddy

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    Default Got Car Camping but need Tent Camping... or a carpool/camp buddy

    This is my first Coachella and I got a car camping pass rather than a tent camping pass not knowing that I actually won't be using a vehicle to get there..
    Was wondering if anyone else had either a Shuttle Pass with their advance wristbands or a Tent Camping pass that was more interested in a Car Camping spot.
    I've read that the camping passes only work with the wristbands they're purchased with so that means we'd have to switch wristbands & passes I think!
    Orrrrr if anyone would want to carpool and camp together using my car camping pass
    Since its so far in advance though, if anyone's interested we could actually talk and make these plans prior to receiving wristbands and passes next year so we don't have any confusion and actually get to know eachother before the festival!

    Pleaseee let me know if you're interested!

    Weekend 2
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    Default Re: Got Car Camping but need Tent Camping... or a carpool/camp buddy

    you should specify which weekend you are attending
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