Didn't think I was going to partake in this year's Coachillen festival, but a lodging opportunity came up so I've made up my mind! I am looking for a Weekend 1 ticket, and would greatly appreciate if someone can supply me one... free would be nice Well since this probably won't be the case, I luckily have some cash!

I will meet up with you tomorrow preferably before 5-6 (traffic sucks), and pay you 500. I live in the general West LA area so hopefully it works out that you live nearby.

ALSO! If you are in need of a ride or plan on taking a method of transportation that costs money, I'd love for you and 2 friends to hitch a ride in my car. I will have a friend with me, so there are 3 seats open. I drive the Cadillac ATS sedan so do know the space is limited. I plan on swooping my friend from LAX around 9-10 pm and driving straight to Palm Springs from there.

P.S Don't worry I am only half asian, and my driving is great