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Thread: Master P at Coachella

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    Quote Originally Posted by roboto View Post
    Oh who are these people touring under that name? Stupid . Not you the rappers.
    They are touring under a different name. Juicy J is solo right now and DJ Paul is with everyone else that had ever been associated with Three 6. If those two aren't together it is not Three 6, hence the different name DJ Paul's group is touring as.
    Quote Originally Posted by roboto View Post
    And stinkbutt leaving a motorhead set when you know he's dying just to talk shit ? Your a shitty person as well .please let mja give you an anal love disease .

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    Default Re: Master P at Coachella

    My 19 year old self in a shitty 88 Buick with tinted windows, kenwood deck, 6 disc changer, MTX blue thunder amp with 10" JL Audio's would not allow me to miss this set.

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