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Thread: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

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    Default I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    FOR SALE: travel package Week end 1 Travel Package La Quinta Resort with 2 VIP GA tickets. Included in price shuttle transfer and 3 nights at the Quinta Resort
    Original price 3874$
    I can transfer the name easily through the agency where I bought the tickets and you pick everything up at the hotel upon arrival.
    Please let me know if you're interested.

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    All yous have to does is send the monies western union urgently to Sir William Churches of England...FUCK OFF Jango with your bullshit scam

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    And kudos to the extremely large font. Hook, line, and sinker.

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    Make checks payable to cash.
    April 22 - Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial
    April 24 - Godflesh / Mogwai
    April 26 - Cloud Nothings
    May 1 - Ghost
    May 2-4 - Austin Psych Fest
    May 23 - Saint Vitus
    May 27 - Fu Manchu
    June 6-8 - X Games Concerts
    June 12-14 - Sónar Barcelona
    June 27 - Deafheaven / Swans

    Quote Originally Posted by SoulDischarge View Post
    Muse might as well named themselves the Pablo Honeys.

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    And don't ask questions.
    Quote Originally Posted by xuclarockerx View Post
    Everyone at Coachella is godless
    Quote Originally Posted by alpha_q_up View Post
    a cunt punt is always the best solution to cure someone of their bitchassness

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