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Thread: Palm Springs Pool Parties

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    Default Palm Springs Pool Parties

    To anyone who has went to the pool parties in Palm Springs in the past, how is it? Any good places to recommend going to?

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    Default Re: Palm Springs Pool Parties

    i'd say there are too many good day bands to be farting around at some pool party.

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    Went once. I mean, if you're going to Coachella to party, that's the route you want to take. If you're going for the music, you're really kicking yourself to be missing so much music in the sun.
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    Default Re: Palm Springs Pool Parties

    I like the Ace Hotel. They have festivities before and between weekends.

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    Default Re: Palm Springs Pool Parties

    Ace is Ace.

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    I went to one at Legacy Villas last year for the first time and although it was fun - its not worth missing out on all the action onsite at the actual festival IMO.

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    If your plan is to chase tail at one of the pool parties they you are wasting your time...............................the real freaks are at the DO LAB Rollin Yeeeeeeeeow

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    How does one get into those Lacoste/ Diesel parties?

    Just curious.

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    Default Re: Palm Springs Pool Parties

    Know someone associated with the brands, other sponsors or promoters.

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    Too much work and superficiality. I'm for the festival not for the glamour of Hollywood that self attaches with it.


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    The non official Coachella parties blow. If you want good after parties, try different location/festivals.

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    I'd stay away from any Palm Springs Pools. They're all filled with semen ...and I'm not talking military. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see a few seamen sharing semen in a Palm Springs Pool.
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