Just read this article that suggests numbers were way down this year (102,000 compared to 118,000 last year and 140,000 in 2012)
The numbers were down because the lineup was weak, and that's all due to Smash trying to inch into Summer Sonic territory with Kanye and having no plan B when they were inevitably fucked over. I KNEW KNEW KNEW that was going to happen. And let's not even talk about Jack Fucking (real middle name) Johnson, whose addition probably hurt overseas sales. That said, the crowd was the most manageable it's ever been. I've never walked straight up to the toilets like that so many times over a weekend.

I only saw one show at the Red Marquee this year, and I really didn't find myself at Oasis very often (which might explain why I didn't run into you, gweilo).
We didn't, did we? I think I saw six RM shows and six or seven GS shows, so I was there quite a bit.