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Thread: Roskilde Festival 2014

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    The last one was Damon Albarn

    DAMON ALBARN (UK) incarnates Roskilde Festival’s ambitions like few others. Quality, innovation and open boundaries have always been main priorities with this British star. Music genres such as Britpop, Afropop, alternative rock and Chinese opera are listed in his impressive CV. 2014 finds the versatile and eclectic performer releasing his first actual solo album, Everyday Robots. The songs’ subject matter is more directly personal than before and is inspired by Albarn’s experiences from early childhood to now, including the trappings of our modern existence, computer games, mobile phones and nature versus technology. And now we get to experience these songs at Roskilde Festival.

    INTERPOL (US) helped kickstart rock in the early 00s. In 2014, Paul, Daniel and Sam finally put an end to four years of silence. The New Yorkers majestic and melodic guitar rock is steeped in sadness and desperation – but also a dark glamour as chic and urban as the band's black wardrobe.

    WARPAINT (US) develop on the expression from dark impressionists such as Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins and add a touch of their hometown of Los Angeles. Their steamy art rock contains plenty of space and light. The rich rhythmic finesse on the 2014 album Warpaint is, according to the girls themselves, nurtured with inspiration from hip hop and trip hop.

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    When I do something I do it wholeheartedly so I´m going solo on this thread. :-)

    This week we have seen announcements from the 2 camping stages Roskilde Rising and Apollo Countdown, both stages are active during the warm up days from Monday to Wednesday.

    The camping site opens at sunday the 29th of June at 18:00 so no bands or DJ´s performs that day.

    Apollo Countdown is mostly electronic music and Rap/hiphop and Rising is for pop, Metal Rock, Punk etc.

    Apollo Countdown:

    DNKL (SE)
    NAUSE (SE)
    KANT (DK)
    S!VAS (DK)
    SNAVS (DK)

    If The schedule is the same as last year there are still 2 names to be announced.

    Roskilde Rising:

    THE MINDS OF 99 (DK)
    HEXIS (DK)
    KILL J (DK)
    RA (SE)

    Again if the schedule is the same as last years then there is gonna be a total of 18 bands so there is missing one Rising act and 2 Apollo Countdown acts in total.
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    New round of adds, thids time its for the Apollo stage.

    CHROMEO (CA) plays naughty pop disco that sounds as if Chromeo lives and breathes 80s culture. At the same time the music is fresh and crisp with full knowledge of its beautiful ambition – it wants you to dance the night away and make 2014 unforgettable.

    FOREST SWORDS (UK) is a kind of vocal-less mixture of dubstep, R&B, ambient and post-rock. When performing live, the electronic séance – with laptop wizard Matthew Barnes at the helm – receives extra organic power from a bass player.

    JAMES HOLDEN (UK) sabotages every attempt to fit him into a neat and tidy genre. Cosmic krautrock, pagan mystics and primitive free jazz blur into techno, trance and electronica in this rave party for the brain.

    KAVINSKY (FR) had a buzz in the underground long before the broad audience finally caught up with his French-Italian sound. His wild shows pull you into a time machine where robots are copulating in a fog of high-octane disco and highly synthetic Commodore 64 rock.

    MODERAT (DE) enjoy playing Roskilde Festival – and we love having these pioneers back on our poster. Moderat consist of Modeselektor and Apparat who are both giants on the Berlin club scene. With a combination of Modeselektor’s bass music and Apparat’s electronica, Moderat are likely to take you to cloud nine, but they will not let you down if you’ve brought your shoes for dancing, either.

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    Some Americana and African music is on the lineup today.

    AOIFE O’DONOVAN (US) is your right choice if you’re into earthbound, rustic and accessible folk and bluegrass with a progressive approach. Virtuoso refinement, genre leaps and general mischief are to be expected in this field of the genre.

    JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT (US) have taken the critically acclaimed album Southeastern out on the country roads. The acoustic-based songs deal with heartbreak and tell stories of complicated men in the vein of troubled country music. With his red-hot backing band The 400 Unit, Jason Isbell also delivers rocking, clear-blue-sky moments.

    JUPITER & OKWESS INTERNATIONAL (CD) are ready to take Roskilde Festival with golden funk full of moist, melody and message. Both James Brown, The Meters, Fela Kuti and the traditional zebola spirit dance rhythms of DR Congo are along for the ride when the Congolese funk masters start up the party.

    KING AYISOBA & BAND (GH) tour the West for the first time these years – with a band full of singers, musicians and dancers from home. The traditional music is based on a two-stringed lute called a kologo. Accompanied by his brother who plays a special North Ghanese horn, King Ayisoba has created his own bony kind of blues full of possessed rhythms, call-response covals og and hoarse beauty.

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    So the preliminary camping map is out

    Things worth noticing.

    Get a Tent Uptown has been closed down and relocated to the old Odeon area, its now called Get A Tent Central

    Much the luxury camping options has been moved to Get a Tent East.

    New options like shelters and 12 person tents.

    The new rising stage is the white dot near camping N

    Now its possible to win 2 ticket including plane tickets from anywhere around the world.

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    A new round of adds :-)

    KASABIAN (UK) played their first concert on Danish soil at Roskilde Festival 2010. In 2014 the band returns with greater Scandinavian attention and a new album just around the corner. The Brits play the kind of danceable British rock that is perfect for summer ecstasy and sloshing beer mugs. Their straight-forward appearance combined with an artistic ambition have made the four lads from Leicester their very own existence on the British music scene.

    PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS (US) deliver a tour de force of thrash and hardcore with maximal dedication and little desire to please. Despite metal sainthood and three decades under the banner of metal – e.g. with Down and legendary Pantera – Philip H. Anselmo carries on through the mud without surrender.

    BL’AST! (US) started out way back in the early 80s. Their ferocious, punishing hardcore has waited far too long for recognition. These guys deserve a place in the hardcore hall of fame next to Minor Threat and Black Flag.

    THE MEN (US) evolve at a rapid pace. Lately, the Brooklyn band has toned down the punk expression in favour of a more traditional American rock expression. But even when The Men dive into classic rock, their loud music is still full of dirt, punk attitude and perfect for stirring up a festival tent.

    RUMBLE IN RHODOS (NO) have gone through quite some changes. The Norwegians have become much more melodic and accessible. Grace and Nuance – their fourth album – lives up to its title. Here you get psychedelic pop – far away from the post-hardcore we first heard from them when they visited in 2008.

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    Outkast and Chance The Rapper added

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    That whas one of my biggest wishes this year so i´m very happy.

    OUTKAST (US) have developed their own blend of horny funk, lounge lizard pop and alternative rock with their uniquely intelligent rapping on top. With immaculate style, wit and general don’t-give-a-fuck-ness, the duo has created some of the genre’s most beloved hits. The double album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is the best selling hip hop album ever. Andre 3000 and Big Boi together at Roskilde Festival will be a grand hip hop spectacle - and it's a pleasure to finally announce this group.

    CHANCE THE RAPPER (US) steps confidently on to the stage and challenges the rank of artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar. The humour, the acid and the twisted touches are along for the ride when Chancelor Bennet with his yelping rap delivers the goods on a canvas of urban and various music genres.

    We also got these on Wednesday

    SPIDS NØGENHAT started their career as a cult phenomenon - but today they're paving the way from a whole new underground scene. The Danish psych rockers' last visit in 2011 resulted in a live album and is a chapter in recent Roskilde history as a visit from cosmos. In 2014 a bunch of songs from their latest album Kommer Med Fred will be a part of the musical acid trip.

    BOTTLED IN ENGLAND draws heavily on the drum’n’bass and dubstep of the London clubs. But the duo’s hardworking drummer gives the music a raw, carnal, even punky touch. In recent years, the duo has earned substantial live experience and international recognition – they will be one of very few Danish acts playing our electronic stage Apollo.

    HELHORSE vs. THE PSYKE PROJECT will be a different and absolutely unique concert experience when the darkened hard rockers from Helhorse challenge the metallic hardcore band The Psyke Project to a double concert. 11 men on stage play material from both bands - together. A fusion of two very different types of metal, which will show very new sides of both bands.

    SLOWOLF feat. BENNY BANKS, TAKURA & WIL COUSIN will be a barrier-breaking pop party with international guests. Andreas Asingh - the man behind Slowolf - is both a singer, a guitarist, a drummer and a producer. And when it comes to genres he is equally diverse: Hip hop, dream pop and even black metal are among the elements that the angelic falsetto vocalist uses to create his unique and gaudy sound.

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    Today we got 2 names for the regular festival and 2 for the warm up days.

    LYKKE LI (SE) defies easy labels and bite hard if you try to typecast the singstress with the soft soprano. Sorrowful, 60s-esque girl pop, folk and classic singer/songwriters are just some of the sources of inspiration the already experienced star use in her melodious and quiveringly vulnerable songs.

    I BREAK HORSES (SE) have devoted themselves to a dizzyingly weightless and atmospheric expression where synthesizers paint cascading colours across the horizon. Their latest album Chiaroscuro represents a further leap away from the noise rock they were originally inspired by.

    SAMARIS (IS) weaves a tapestry of electro-acoustic hypnosis by means of clarinet, laptop and clear, spell-binding vocals. you can experience the Icelandic trio's organic electronica on Apollo Countdown, Roskilde Festival's stage for electronic music in the early days of the festival.

    SAY LOU LOU (SE) have reaped international praise with their synthesizer pop that is both dark-as-the-night, ethereal and with plenty of Swedish hit potential. BBC has nominated Say Lou Lou for 'Sound of 2014' – they also play Apollo Countdown where the electronic talents and profiles of tomorrow are swarming.

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    The Rolling Stones is rumoured to perform at Roskilde Festival.

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    Annnnnnnd they are added :-)

    THE ROLLING STONES (UK) will finally take Orange Stage. The band will treat their generations of fans to a set packed full of classic Stones hits such as “Gimme Shelter”, “Paint It Black”, “Jumping Jack Flash”, “Tumbling Dice”, “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll” plus a couple of unexpected gems.

    First European shows in 7 years
    The Rolling Stones - 14 ON FIRE tour sees Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood back out on the road again after a mammoth run of concerts in the UK and US last year, bringing their iconic music and groundbreaking stage shows to audiences around the globe.

    The Rolling Stones launched the tour with their first ever gig in the Middle East in February, and they are currently making their way through Asia, Australia and New Zealand, before returning to play Europe for the first time in seven years.

    Our iconic Orange Stage was originally designed for a The Rolling Stones tour back in the 70s. Having the band on this stage will be pure, unforgettable rock history.

    The Rolling Stones released their first single in 1962. And still today the rock icons sell out mega stages all over the world. On seminal and immaculate albums like Exile on Main St., Let It Bleed and Some Girls they have shaped 50 years of rock history, not least due to Mick Jagger’s devilish charisma and Keith Richards’ immortal riffs.

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    Very strong lineup this year!

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    And they are not finished, I think there are around 90 bands revealed and there will be aprox 160 bands in total.
    The poster release will be on the 2nd April and they say that more headliners will be announced.

    btw its announced by Roskilde that both Outkast and The Rolling Stones will headline Thurday.

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    I just saw this, and I think that's a really impressive lineup. It is pretty top heavy, but I'm sure there are loads of great finds in the bottom half that I don't know. I wish I was getting that orange feeling this year.
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    There is alot of "world music" that i have to discover.

    My current must see list looks like this.

    Arctic Monkeys
    Major Lazer
    Stevie Wonder
    Jupiter And Okwess International
    Omar Suleyman
    Psyked Up Janis

    Want to see
    Rolling Stones
    Die Nerven
    Balkan Khans
    Lykke Li
    Sleigh Bells
    James Holden
    Klumben og Raske Penge

    If the schedule is one big clusterfuck and all my priorities plays at the same time.

    Pusha T
    Dilated Peoples
    Jenny Wilson
    Fire! Orchestra
    Maya Jane Coles
    Systema Solar

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