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Thread: Tell Us About 2014 Releases

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    Default Re: Tell Us About 2014 Releases

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfbeckett View Post
    Add to that that it sounds like it was recorded on a phone
    Recorded on a phone . . . seven years ago.
    Quote Originally Posted by canexplain View Post
    To you guys I say Wat?????????? Off to ?????? ....... cr****
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    It's hard to argue with that.

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    Default Re: Tell Us About 2014 Releases

    Guys, we need to talk. Everyone sit down for a second.

    So, Dude Incredible is coming out on Tuesday. Shellac has been one of my favorite bands for about a decade, but one thing I'd say is that they've never put out a front-to-back killer of an album. Terraform, 1000 Hurts and Excellent Italian Greyhound each have at least one track that is legit bad, and even At Action Park has a few songs that grind on for too long. Dude Incredible has none of that. The first four songs are absolute shredders (the title track officially puts Shellac at 4/5 for perfect opening tracks) and the back half is kind of a side-long shred of an allegory about workers and masters and probably more than that. The motherfucker doesn't let up for half an hour, which is the perfect amount of time for an album to relentlessly kick your ass, and the riffs are every bit as massive as anything they've ever done. Most of this year I've been less than impressed with the new music, but in the past few months I've been heartened by the increasing level of great shit coming out. This and Pallbearer have put a huge check plus on the third quarter of the year.
    Quote Originally Posted by canexplain View Post
    Remember Hitler? I don't but here we are again .. cr****

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    Yeah, I've only listened once but I thought it was great.
    9/17 - Buzzcocks - Fonda (?)
    9/20 - Crosby, Stills & Nash - Santa Barbara Bowl
    9/21 - Caetano Veloso - Hollywood Bowl (?)
    9/26 - William Basinski - Pasadena Arts Council
    9/28 - Bob Mould - Roxy (?)

    Quote Originally Posted by getbetter View Post
    I finally made it through a listen of Sun Kil Moon - Benji and had put it on maybe 4 times til I could finally feel mentally like, "just fuck it just let this guy blabber on" while I'm doing paperwork ., if you care

    Twitter, if you dare

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    Default Re: Tell Us About 2014 Releases

    Perfume Genius's new album is on NPR and definitely worth a listen. The new aggression in the electronics isn't carried throughout, but when it hits, it hits hard.

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