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Thread: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

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    Default Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    Found this band in my Bestival research. Shoegazey Smiths.

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    Default Re: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    Here is their newest EP which came out in April. I think they are great and would like to see them at Coachella.

    This ain't no middle of the mall shit.

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    Default Re: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    Cool; reminds me of Psychedelic Furs
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    Default Re: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    Yeah, that 2013 EP is wonderful - I read about it on The Quietus' mid-year list and have been quite impressed by it.
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    Default Re: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    They played at Primavera and didn't really keep my attention for long. Haven't given their recorded output a listen though.
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    Default Re: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    Really excited to see them this weekend

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    Default Re: Merchandise (the Band, not the crap you buy)

    I still think this needs to happen.

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