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Thread: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

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    Default So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    Because I totally just bought one to bring, and I'd be sad if I had to not use it.

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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    I saw a lot of them in there this past weekend and waited extra time at the refill stations behind their owners. So even though they're "officially" not allowed, people were finding ways of getting them in.

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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    They are allowed this year:

    (see under "Do's")
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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    cameltoes are okay
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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    I brought mine in empty everyday without any questions or problems.
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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    they're allowed but they must be empty upon entry
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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    Why are there dum dums that think they aren't allowed? I brought one in all 3 days (empty) and they never said a thing. Unscrew it before you get to the security with the cap dangling so they can visually confirm that there's nothing in there and they really won't check it.
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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    bring it empty

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    Default Re: So are camelbaks really not allowed.

    i got mine in full on saturday. sunday it was about half full after i moved my car, but the lady let it in anyway saying "i'm not suppose to, but you seem nice and honestly i think it's a stupid rule".
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