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Thread: Houston to Coachella

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    looking for some people who are interested in carpoolchellaing up for weekend 2. im 22 years old, 420 friendly , and am looking for like 2 to 3 other people to split the cost of driving and camping on site, which i believe is cheaper than flying there and back. Im meeting some other people there and want to camp next to them. will be a lot of fun and we can blast music on the way there and the way back. let me know if you are interested, my email:

    cody hill

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    Did you go to UH?
    Quote Originally Posted by efrain44 View Post
    Anyone know who the guy in the Cardinals jersey is? I've seen him in pictures on the board and I thought I saw him this year.

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    im at school at uh downtown right now actually

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    I was going to drive out there but decided it was too long of a drive for me. I have 2 parking passes and i'm flying there soooo I don't even have a car to fill the space.

    Let me know if your interested?

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