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Thread: OH NOES! My Brother Is An ANUNNAKI

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    Default OH NOES! My Brother Is An ANUNNAKI

    No, this is not the name of my new punk song.

    This is a place to share photos and videos of people you suspect to be from OUTER SPACE!

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    Default Re: OH NOES! My Brother Is An ANUNNAKI

    Quality thread.
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    Default Re: OH NOES! My Brother Is An ANUNNAKI

    Pity post.
    Quote Originally Posted by GuyInTucson View Post
    Jesus fucking Christ, who the hell is this Godspeed asshole?

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    Default Re: OH NOES! My Brother Is An ANUNNAKI

    Quote Originally Posted by efrain44 View Post
    Anyone know who the guy in the Cardinals jersey is? I've seen him in pictures on the board and I thought I saw him this year.

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    Default Re: OH NOES! My Brother Is An ANUNNAKI

    Is this the part where Cara comes in and tells us it's the prank she came up with for Vigo?
    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
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