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One of the more humorous reoccurrences in this thread has been how you continuously crucify Nick Cave's album for being a retread, while refusing to acknowledge that the MBV album is doing just that.
I find the Nick Cave album boring more than being a retread. I don't feel like he's getting anywhere new with it, which would be somewhat expected considering he had a lineup change within his band. MBV, on the other hand, are the same band finishing songs that were written and (allegedly) largely recorded 15 years ago. The expectations are different, and no, I don't think the MBV album is a retread. There are clear developments from the sound on Loveless, but they're also not a band I think of for explosive transformation of their sound so much as a fine crafting of one style to perfection. Nick Cave damned himself by doing so many different things, and by having his previous three releases be so much better and less boring than the new one. Finishing Jubilee Street my ass.