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Thread: Cloud Nothings FTW!

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    Default Cloud Nothings FTW!

    This would be a great add and would love this! Their tour dates end 4/7 so they could possible play at Coachella. If not whatever, glad to share.

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    Default Re: Cloud Nothings FTW!

    Would approve.

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    Default Re: Cloud Nothings FTW!

    YES. Best album of 2012 so far, in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Cloud Nothings FTW!

    are they any good live?
    October 2 - Beck
    October 3-5 - Austin City Limits
    October 10 - Bonobo
    October 20 - Mastodon
    October 23 - 26 - Housecore Horror Festival
    October 29 - The Melvins
    November 7-9 - Fun Fun Fun Fest
    November 18 - Slayer

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    Default Re: Cloud Nothings FTW!

    I just found "Wasted Days" and I can't stop listening. I know that I'm a little late, but what a great song! It reminds me of some old school Bad Religion, like off of the 80-85 album.
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