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Thread: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

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    Default Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    New Major Lazer album on the way, more fans than ever, perpetually on tour.

    Diplo never fails to throw a crazy party so make it happen!

    Maybe we can get a Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion show with Diplo on the wheels of steel as well.

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    Default Re: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    Saw Major Lazer over the summer in NYC and had such a good time. Also they are a lot better without Skerrit Bwoy endangering women's lady parts.

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    Default Re: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    Quote Originally Posted by involvelemons View Post
    Silent discos are like having sex with a virgin: really exciting in theory, extremely awkward in execution.
    Quote Originally Posted by BROKENDOLL View Post
    I bet Cara's gotten enough Twats on a Platter and Dick on a Stick to open her own Trolls to Go snack shop.

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    Default Re: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    Wouldn't be surprised if Major Lazer and Diplo both have separate sets this year.
    Darkside - 1/26
    Robert DeLong - 1/30
    Scuba - 2/7
    Pusha T - 2/20
    Four Tet - 3/7
    Kraftwerk - 3/19
    Coachella - W1

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    Default Re: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    I personally think they are awful. But that's just based off of having to see their atrocity of a set twice.

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    Default Re: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    Boom Diggity, very down for this. Get Free is the soundtrack to sunset coachella!

    I can really see a potential Snoop Lion set as well with Diplo driving the beats.

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    Default Re: Major Lazer/Diplo '13

    Was disappointed in Major Lazer's set at Day of the Dead.. fun but nothing special. Didn't catch Diplo's set later, though.

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