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    Default ***The Official 2013 Lineup Pool***

    I'm bored. Also, shit is starting to leak.


    You MUST list 25 bands.
    • The first three must be your headliners. 3 pts each
    • The next 22 will be you undercard guesses. 1 pt each

    No 'reunion act' option, since that piece last year happened because Paul T mentioned in an interview that there would be a reunion act playing (turns out we had several; tevs).

    If you predict a band as a headliner but they end up NOT being a headliner but still a performer, they will count as one point. If you predict a band as a performer and they end up being a headliner, you get one point (not three, since you didn’t exactly call it correctly).


    Please do not PM me. Also, don't forget-when you email me, make sure you include your board name so I know who to credit the list to. It would be great if you could do me a solid and alphabetize your undercard list before you send it in.

    Like last year, you can resubmit your list as often as you wish until the deadline, but keep in mind that in the event of a tie, the poster with the fewest resubmits and/or the earliest final submission will win. Again, like last year, if a band gets confirmed and added to the “restricted” list before the deadline and you’ve already submitted your list with that band on it, you get the point for it, even though that band is restricted for everyone else.

    Bands that are considered "confirmed" will be restricted. The restricted list will tie in directly to Tyles' confirmed list here. If Tyles makes the decision that a band is confirmed, it becomes restricted at the time he posts it. As stated before, if you pick a band and submit it, and it becomes restricted after you submit your list, it will still count.

    Restricted as of 10.16.2012 @ 8:30AMPST

    Amanda Palmer
    Toro y Moi


    First prize this year is TBD. I clearly fucked this up last year. My apologies to TickleMeElmo, last year's winner. PM me your address and I'll send you something.

    Again, keep in mind that in the event of a tie, the person with the fewest resubmits and/or the earliest final submission will win.

    All entries must be sent via email by October 21. No exceptions.

    I'll post everyone's submissions on October 22. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR LISTS; I WILL POST THEM ONCE I HAVE EVERYTHING SORTED OUT.

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