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    Headliners --
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    Nick are you excited to become a senior this year? Have any pranks lined up to pull on the freshmen?

    4/20: Godflesh, Cut Hands @ DNA Lounge
    4/21: The Men @ Rickshaw Stop
    4/26: Simian Mobile Disco, Earth @ Pappy and Harriet's
    5/2-5/4: Austin Psych Fest @ Carson Creek Ranch
    5/10: Joey Anderson @ TBA
    5/17: Kishi Bashi @ GAMH
    5/17: Move D b2b Optimo, Jackmaster, J.Phlip @ PW
    5/21: Baths @ The Independent
    5/30: The Decemberists @ The Crystal Ballroom
    6/27: Fuck Buttons @ The Independent
    6/28: Robyn & Royksopp @ Bill Graham

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    Smooches. =)

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    Steelers in 5
    I'ma ball at the mall shuttin' down the sea wall

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    Default Re: Predictions

    A jizz rag will be used tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Nick are you excited to become a senior this year? Have any pranks lined up to pull on the freshmen?
    Quote Originally Posted by HotHamWater View Post
    Nobody has ever given a single fuck about anything you've ever had to say.
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    Erik or Dani: Can we change Spooks' member title to "Stupid Pigfucker"? thanks.

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    Nick just keeps reinventing himself. My favorite form of Nick was Nick o. We had some fun with him.

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