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Thread: Jamaica Day Passes

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    Default Jamaica Day Passes

    Any idea when Day Passes for the Jamaica cruise will be available??

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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    If this is a joke, it's kinda lol. If you're serious, it's sig-worthy.
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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    Yeah, Coachella. Why are there no day passes?
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    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    I really just want to go on that Thursday.

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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    Day passes on a cruise? If you're being serious then what you do is you're given a 24 hour voucher and when it expires you jump off the ship. p.s. they don't provide transportation back
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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    Tell us more about yourself tinamarie, Coachella is selling day passes for the cruise to select persons after they have been approved by 78% of the boards active members. Active members are determined by 6-sided dice and default charisma.

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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    I am being flown in by T.C.. Magnum and Rick will be hosting an afterparty on the Lido deck.


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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    Quote Originally Posted by VOLVOX17 View Post
    I am being flown in by T.C.. Magnum and Rick will be hosting an afterparty on the Lido deck.


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    Default Re: Jamaica Day Passes

    I'd rather have a night pass.
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