Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
The first few moments of this song are pretty exciting. A little siren goes off, and then the giant ass drum provides such a sick drop, and then there's a gasp for air. The transition to those high vocals in the chorus are pretty exciting and energetic That viola adds a little a chinese sound to add some uniqueness to the band. The chorus of this song is the best part, the vocals from Dan Reynolds are super energetic. Tiptoe is a good followup song. It starts off dark and turns into one dance song. I love the harmony on vocals when everyone shouts "Hey yeah". The rhythm of this is just simply you can dance to and makes you feel elevated. "I won't fall asleep," into the chorus is the highlight. The first time I heard It's Time I was wasn't impressed. The 5th time I still wasn't impressed. By probably time 30 I fell in love with this song. The drum tempo is something to clap your hands to and it gets drilled into your head with that 1--2-3-1-2-3 beat.. The guitar looping in this song really is catchy. The lyrics make you feel bigger than life, but also bring you down because they feel so real. "I'm never changing who I am," is my favorite line. The big clapping part and group vocalization into the outro where there's that long guitar note goes so nice with the chorus. I'll admit Demons sounds like The Fray at first, however Dan transitions out of this to some lovely vocals. Amerstam is a favorite of mine for some reason. I like his tone of voice and the guitar a lot because it flows so nicely, and then that small clapping break into the chorus is quite pleasing. Hear Me is kind of like the song before, only you hear some synth action. Dan really breaks down the words in this. "From the floor to the sky," and so on are just some groovy lines. The guitar reminds me of Hot Fuss Killers, while the fast rhythm this song breaks into could be compared to a lot of energetic bands. I guarantee you'll at least tap your foot to this song. Underdog is a little too poppy for my taste as the synth makes the song a little too bubbly. Nothing Left to Say just ends this album the way it needed to. The vocals have a certain grudge in them and the instruments give me chills. I enjoy this album because their songs cover all kinds of emotions and their music is really down to earth. To be honest I'm going to their show more to see Atlas Genius but i'm happy I get to see these guys too. I'd rank Dan's vocals towards the top in 2012 releases.

My rating: 7.25