Jonathan Richman - I, Jonathan
Really wasn't sure if this was a serious album, a parody or just a comedic rock album. Something about that opening song Parties in the USA sounded a lot like that one song from Grease. I don't know if my mind was playing tricks on me, or he just straight up ripped off that song, and used his own lyrics. Velvet Underground explore bluegrass. Hopefully I'm thinking of the right genre. It's a pretty relaxing tune that would be nice to hear on a windy day. Wasn't really feeling I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar at first, but once the drums kicked in it became my jam. I liked the chorus and the lyrics amused me. Richman certainly had a nice voice, but really this is something you got to be in the mood for. I got some kicks out of it. Too often I felt like I was being dragged into the bar.

My rating: 6.5