Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
The fourth studio album served to be the most important album in Muse's career because though they proved themselves in Europe they had to legitimize themselves in the USA with this record. The opening track Take a Bow does not have a piano intro. Instead it's a fast paced guitar riff that makes the room feel completely blue for some reason. I also like to imagine torches all around that react to the timbre of the song. This song is incredibly neat and I'd like to see it performed at the Hollywood Bowl with the whole audience bowing. The downfall feeling created by the guitar and synth is my favorite part. Starlight was their ticket into getting chicks to dig them. The piano is so pleasant and the lyrics are so romantic. When the song picks up Muse shows they're not going soft on us. Probably one of their greatest creations. Supermassive Black Hole has always had one of the cheesiest guitar rhythms, and I have never thought the song was that great. I do like the background sound effects and Chris when he sings. Map of the Problematique reminds me of older Muse and it's probably my favorite song on the album. The piano and guitar gel too good together. The singing is great, I feel like I'm trapped inside a clock that has just been dropped. Soldier's Poem and Invincible aren't very good and Assassin is a notable track because of the guitar playing, that opening riff frustrates me in a way but I also like it, then it turns into a jam. Glorious is another track I enjoy because it has nice flow. Finally Knights of Cydonia is the greatest outo song on Muse's career. You hear horses neighing and then the singing and spacey guitar makes it sound like a futuristic cowboy showdown. The song then becomes more spectacular by diving into this all out guitar ballad that sounds so haunting and unique. 2 minutes in Matt starts singing and the drum beat makes me feel like I'm galloping on a horse going a hundred miles a hour. How can you not like the singing part where they say "You and I must fight to survive" and then the transition to a nasty guitar solo. This album has some of Muse's best songs and singles but it fails to be the most balanced album.

My rating: 7.75