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Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
After the success of Demon Days, Gorillaz decided to take a different route for their third album Plastic Beach. This record just offers many more dimensions than any previous Gorillaz release. The list of musicians who are featured in Plastic Beach is impressive as well. We get a nice introduction by Snoop Dogg and then White Flag serves as more build up to create that excitement. Rhinestone Eyes finally brings me back to a familiar base and it's an alright song. Stylo, the first single, is far different than anything Gorillaz has done before. It's super dependent on drums and bass with a lot of special effects added in. It's a pretty fun song, and followed up by a silly song that still makes no sense to me (Superfast Jellyfish). Each song is special enough that I could mention it, but my favorite track is Empire Ants. The song trips my mind out and when Little Dragon's Yukimi Nagano starts singing I feel scared just because the bass already starts to make me paranoid. On Melancholy Hill is another great track because I get good vibes from it, and helps me relax. Plastic Beach is one of the more diverse albums out there, applying multiple genres into one rock album and making it fun/successful.

My rating: 8.5
Empire Ants is also my favorite track off PB. Glad that you've seemed to like the albums I've recommended.

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Boys Noise - Oi Oi Oi
Hello. Talk about a great Electro House record. & Down is as powerful as a rhino charging at something. That song hit me pretty hard. That 1-2-3 tempo at what I would call the song's chorus was sweet. The Battery is super sick and incredibly heavy. That song could melt away just about anything. I really enjoyed the quality and the dynamics. It seemed to always find it's way back to the main beat. Each song was fun and definitely entertaining. Raves in space is the environment I feel. Vergiftet sounds like a crazy video game song on steroids. Oh and they have a Battery part 2 called Wu-Tang. Never got bored and watching them for 20 minutes or so would be fun.

My rating: 9

If you saw Boys Noize for twenty minutes you wouldn't just have fun. You would not be able to leave. He is what got me into electronic. Seriously if you liked the album he will blow your mind live. Everyone I've talked to agrees that his live work is miles above his studio work. And that's not saying he doesn't make some good recordings.