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Thread: Dumb question about Lady Gaga economics

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    Default Dumb question about Lady Gaga economics

    So - question. My girl wants to go to Lady Gaga in a few months at SAP center for her birthday. I don't often to go shows other than festivals, so buying tickets to a massive solo performer like Gaga is completely foreign to me. Thing is, it's pretty much sold out, and all tickets are on Stubhub now. My question is - is for huge pop artists on a massive tour like Gaga, what would my best course of action be for trying to save $$$$? Should I buy now on Stubhub, or should I try buying tickets on the day of? I just don't know what kind of supply/demand there is for these sorts of things. Are prices going to just keep going up on stubhub? Or do they go down? If someone were to be like "just wait until they day of, you'll pay face or even less, guaranteed" then I'll wait. But if these pop artist tickets just tend to get more and more expensive as the day gets here I'll just buy now.

    Dumb dumb dum question, thanks!
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    Default Re: Dumb question about Lady Gaga economics

    With most artists on stubhub the prices go down drastically the closer you get to a show. People selling just want to at least get what they paid for so you aren't likely to get under face.
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    Default Re: Dumb question about Lady Gaga economics

    It's been awhile.

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    Default Re: Dumb question about Lady Gaga economics

    This is a perfectly reasonable question. Why u so mad bro?
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