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    Exclamation Found items?

    I am curious to know.... are there many of you out there who lost items and they were eventually returned after the festival was over? Did you email and they helped reunite you with your lost item(s)? I know they are very busy and working hard.

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    I placed a msg here and contacted the above address..........neither has come to anything thus far...........

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    Default Re: Found items?

    I sent an email a little over a week ago. No response yet, not really expecting one.

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    check eBay....already got a bunch of stuff security guys found ...
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    You're a true piece of shit, Baily.
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    You really think Security are selling found items on eBay??

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    Security was hired ala craigslist. So they will probably sell shit on craigslist, ebay requires paypal and what not.

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    I've emailed that guy a few times. Nothing yet. I'm worried I wont get a response! Has anyone had any luck??

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