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Thread: Got an Android phone (or not)? Wanna rate the sets?

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    Default Got an Android phone (or not)? Wanna rate the sets?

    Hi Coachellers!

    So I've barely had time to get excited about Weekend 1 because I just spent the past week in a dungeon trying to write an app that will allow you to share how you feel about a set you experienced at Coachella. Since I literally only started this app 2 weeks ago, please be kind in critiquing it.

    Anyway, the app allows you to enter a score rating for whatever sets you catch (think Netflix rating). Secondly, you can view the average ratings each set has received.

    You can visit to see what I'm talking out (it's got sample data in there that will get removed before Day 1).

    So, why bother? This app is designed for those of you who basically care to keep track of what you think about a set, and see how other people have rated the set. Since Coachella is going to be 2 weekends this year, this data can be especially useful for Weekend 2 goers!

    Thus far, this app is available only for Android phones:
    (Or you can do a search for Coacheller)

    This app isn't meant to replace Coachooser or whatever other neato convenience apps. It's meant to supplement them, for your own personal note-taking. Also, it can hopefully help you make a more informed decision when you're facing Conflictchella or a nothing-going-on time slot.

    By the way, your scores are intended to rate the actual performance, and not your prior opinion of the band. Please don't rate sets you don't end up catching that day. Obviously I can't enforce any of this, so it's kinda like an honor policy. This is why this "Coacheller" isn't meant for world famous public consumption. Just for my fellow Coachella geeks out there who'd care to share their experience. Since you're all already geeking out on these forums, and creating a plethora of polls, why not capture part of your collective opinions in one place?

    My question to Weekend 1 goers who don't have Android phones but would also like to rate sets (sorry this comes a little late, and I'm driving off today):
    Do you want me to enable a (rudimentary) interface for you to enter your rating in your web browser? I can open up that possibility, but since I'm tracking each rater by email ID, opening up the system to web voting may draw certain douches to spam the db with fake emails and junk ratings. And yes, you're also allowed to enter a fake email in the Android app, but you'll only be asked to enter it once, so be sure to keep that same email if you want to track your ratings (whether online and via phone).

    To come in future versions (when I'll get more than just 2 weeks to work on this) (assuming people actually use this):
    *Other devices (iPhone)
    *User accounts
    *Other festivals (though Coachella is so far unique in being 2 weekends)
    *Whatever suggestions you have!

    If you've made it this far, I thank and commend you! Please send feedback (again, be kind, I haven't slept all week, and I definitely won't be sleeping this weekend).

    P.S. Email data will not be shared. I made this app because I love Coachella. And have OCD.

    P.P.S. For the record, that app icon was created in 7 seconds on someone's phone.
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    Default Re: Got an Android phone (or not)? Wanna rate the sets?



    Huge kudos for getting this project off the ground. I'm looking forward to comparing the sets-experience with some of my friends and have a neat way to keep track of what our collective opinions were.

    My one suggestion would be to add the capability of a "Share Your Rating" button after we have voted about a set. (A sort of "I just gave a 5 [of 5] to «artist-who-rocked-my-life-just-now» in Coachella Weekend 1! «See all my ratings.» If you caught that set, vote too! [Link to download Coacheller.]" kinda thing.)

    I understand that the app is still in its infancy, but obviously, the more the merrier, since it'll eventually force you to grow, which, should I'm supposed is your team's goal.

    Again, great job! And bestest wishes!

    P.S. The logo looks like something my 2 year old niece would paint. ^_______________^ So cute.
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    Default Re: Got an Android phone (or not)? Wanna rate the sets?

    Duly noted.

    P.S. Don't flatter yourself
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