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Thread: Are the ATMs bank-specific, or "generic"?

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    Default Are the ATMs bank-specific, or "generic"?

    I pulled out $300 for the weekend ($100/day), assuming the ATMs are generic and will charge me a fee. However if there is a Bank of America ATM on site I will probably just bring $100 since I can withdraw for free. Does anyone know of there is a BofA ATM? tytyty

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    Default Re: Are the ATMs bank-specific, or "generic"?

    this is a polo field. all the atms are ones they bring in for the event. they are not bank specific.
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    Default Re: Are the ATMs bank-specific, or "generic"?

    they have been independent atms the last 2 years, i would suggest getting the cash beforehand because last year some of the ATMs were down for a while, very frustrating when they are your only lifeline at coachella.

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    Default Re: Are the ATMs bank-specific, or "generic"?

    PF answered! how exciting!

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