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Thread: stage setups limited by wind?

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    Default stage setups limited by wind?

    the 20-35 mph winds appear to be locked in, gust up to 50 mph..

    curios if stage setups will be impact, less lighting etc

    i know radiohead has had a really crazy setup with tv screens over thoms head..

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    Default Re: stage setups limited by wind?

    this totally needed it's own thread.
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    Default Re: stage setups limited by wind?

    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    this totally needed it's own thread.
    I'm glad you agree! Do you think I should post a thread about it just in case nobody sees this one???
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    Default Re: stage setups limited by wind?

    Wind sucks for setups
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    Default Re: stage setups limited by wind?


    it's almost a light breeze. Almost.
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    Default Re: stage setups limited by wind?

    Report back in a few hours. The wind advisory states developing around midnight.

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    Default Re: stage setups limited by wind?

    Wind is windy
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