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Thread: Razor scooter through security

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    Default Razor scooter through security

    Thinking about bringing razor scooters for the part of our trek that's on sidewalk from and back to a condo in PGA West. We'd just store them in our lockers but I'm wondering if there would be an issue carrying through security. I don't see them noted on the FAQ and I wasn't paying attention enough in years past to notice one way or another. I'd think it'd be no different than carrying in a skateboard (if that's ok).

    Thoughts or experience?
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    Default Re: Razor scooter through security

    I doubt they will let you past the gates with it; perhaps lock it to the fences by the entrance like people do with their bikes.
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    Default Re: Razor scooter through security

    Sounds like you may need to lock it up by the entrance where they lock the bikes.
    (which is possible with many razor models, the old B and Pro models are the easiest
    with the folding mechanism in the middle allowing to put a lock through the holes)

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    Default Re: Razor scooter through security

    Yeah, don't think its going inside the venue, but anywhere else would be okay.
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    Default Re: Razor scooter through security

    no way getting by security....have to lock it up...
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    Default Re: Razor scooter through security

    I don't know what is worse; peddling a razor thru the desert or creating a thread asking this question.
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