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Thread: Late Add: Blur

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    Default Late Add: Blur

    Come on, they're doing the festival circuit this year. Could do what Prince did in 2008 and headline over/ under Black Keys.

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    Graham has shows that conflict, so no.
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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    Also what evidence is there to suggest that Blur is doing the festival circuit this year?

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    Lol, Blur have 0 dates....what festival circuit?
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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    Alex James is busy on the cheese festival circuit...maybe it is that?

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    You're deluding yourself if you think Blur would be billed over Black Keys or SHM.

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    I could see Blur billed over the Black Keys. Or imagine if they added them and they conflicted with Pulp. Seriously, they're not touring this year. I think I read Flea is doing some side project with Damon.

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    Nice try OP, but the add ain't happening.
    Quote Originally Posted by RotationSlimWang View Post
    Smooches. =)

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    Next year, maybe. They are to be working on a new album soon. That would make my year if I could see Blur in the States.

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    I want to discuss further that literally nothing the OP said was true
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    I don't fucking care. I don't even know who the hell Dave Wang is.
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    you used to be that guy that just Dave Wang's everybody. that guy. he's gone now, and whoever you really are showed up, and that was utter disappointment.

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    woooooooooo hooooooooo

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    Default Re: Late Add: Blur

    99, 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11,12,13, 14
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