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Thread: DFA Records

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    Default Re: DFA Records

    nice to see someone else post in here Heres a house mix of the first single "We Came To"

    other news -

    Yeasayer's Sudan-Born Sinkane Signs With DFA

    Multi-instrumentalist announces album including Twin Shadow collab

    Sudanese-born Ahmed Gallab has been a lot of things to a lot of people — most notably, a touring multi-instrumentalist in outfits as diverse as Yeasayer, Caribou, and Of Montreal. But as of this announcement, he'll be best known as Sinkane, the latest disco-damaged signee to James Murphy's DFA Records.

    The New York-based singer-producer will release his debut LP Mars on October 23, and we've got a pair of album cuts that display his unique sensibility. The funked-up cool soul of "Runnin'" brings to mind ascendant '70s hit "Fly Like an Eagle," while the mellower "Jeeper Creeper" basks in reverbed haze and desert shimmer. Both are driven by loads of percussion seemingly inspired by the artist's roots.

    In two songs, Sinkane practically invents his own genre — call it Sudawave — so it's no wonder he was able to wrangle an impressive list of on-album collaborators before he even had an album. Twin Shadow's George Lewis is set to appear alongside Yeasayer's Ira Wolf Tuton, Roberto Lange of Helado Negro, Oliver Chapoy (Shai Hulud, Warm Ghost), Afrobeat band Nomo, and R&B weirdo Stutzmcgee.

    Gallab was born in Sudan but grew up around the States after his parents emigrated from their war-torn home. His moniker comes from a misheard lyric in Kanye's "Never Let Me Down." When J. Ivy shouted out Amistad hero Joseph Cinqué, Gallab thought he said "Sinkane." Turned out the name was available.
    click the link -
    to check out the trax
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    Default Re: DFA Records

    Concert Schedule
    Dips All Day Everyday.

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    he's in town tonight to do a DJ set... recommended to go check him out for $20?
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    Default Re: DFA Records

    Definitely. If you got the cash and the time, why not?

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    Default Re: DFA Records

    I couldn't find the thread where we post Essential Mixes, but Juan MacLean just did one today and it's 2 hours of groovy house goodness:

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosurprises12 View Post
    I couldn't find the thread where we post Essential Mixes, but Juan MacLean just did one today and it's 2 hours of groovy house goodness:
    Very disappointed with this EM. Not surprised he put it together in one day.
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