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Thread: At The Drive-In Reunited!

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    I saw aTDI from afar, i was looking up at the stars while sitting under the little circle of lights (or whatever it is) take me to a universe far far away. They were fucking amazing!!! Quarantined was possibly my favorite song from their set
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    I was pretty much right up the front and while it was fun, I kind of wish I was a little bit further back so I could have enjoyed myself more rather than having to concentrate on staying on my feet. Regardless, it was the surreal seeing my favourite band ever after convincing myself I never would. My throat was dead from screaming every single lyric and my shirt was drenched in sweat. It was tops. After the set a dude must have seen how happy I was and said "how good was that?" I just replied that I can go die now.
    P.S. Metronome and Catacombs were the extra songs they didn't play Weekend 1

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    Arghghg they did Catacombs.

    Well fuck. They need to do a headlining tour over here.

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    My favorite set for sure!!! I went the second weekend. Glad we got to hear metronome arthritis and catacombs. Chanbara was probably my favorite song. Everybody around me were going nuts!!!! My voice was gone halfway through the set. I had a strange/cool experience with a girl, we were screaming lyrics in each others faces during sleepwalk capsules. I rocked my way away from her before I could high five her for her energy. If I made some kind of bucket list. Seeing ATDI would be on top. I can reasonably die young now.

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