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Thread: The Kuba Ziołek Appreciation Thread

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    Default The Kuba Ziołek Appreciation Thread

    So there's this Polish guy, Jakub "Kuba" Ziołek, who may be familiar to some via his superlative 2013 album as Stara Rzeka called Cień Chmury Nad Ukrytym Polem. But this is just one of many, many projects he's involved in, and because there's just so much good music emanating from Poland which he's had his hands in I wanted to start a catch-all thread where these different projects can be collected, listened to, and talked about. What's really nice too is that almost all of these albums can be streamed on Bandcamp, and I'll link to them below.

    Stara Rzeka - Kuba solo; a mind-melting combination of genres, and Cień Chmury Nad Ukrytym Polem is probably the definitive release of his catalog so far:

    Alameda 3/Alameda Trio - Kuba is joined by a bassist (Mikołaj Zieliński) and drummer (Tomek Popowski), and if you enjoy the more song-oriented parts of Stara Rzeka (be it the pastoral, acoustic stuff, the psych freakouts, or the black metal doom) then this would be a good place to go next. The trio released Późne królestwo in 2013:

    T'ien Lai - if Alameda 3 represents an outlet for the "rocking side" of the Stara Rzeka project, then T'ien Lai is the other side to the coin in that the focus is on ambiance and atmospherics. Here Kuba partners with Łukasz Jędrzejczak and the two create a compelling 40 minute, 5-song excursion into sound manipulation.

    Kapital - another duo, and another that takes a more ambient approach, but one which is markedly different from T'ien Lai. Here Kuba's sound experiments are partnered with Rafał Iwański's focus on "psychoactive electro-acoustic music generated with electronic instruments" (that pretentiousness is from the press release haha) to create a new-agey/spaced-out sound punctuated by the occasional burst of noise. Their 2014 release, No New Age, is quite good, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it near the top of some year-end lists come December.

    Innercity Ensemble - as the name suggests this is a 6-piece improv/free-jazz group Kuba is a member of, and one which features some of the other players in the groups mentioned above. It's not exactly my thing, but for those who are into the genre this could be a winner. I also get the impression this album/group would be a good place to start in digging into the other people involved in this burgeoning scene itself. Inner Ensemble have a 2012 release called Katahdin and have also released a follow-up this year called II:

    There are two other groups Kuba is involved in which I haven't gotten to dig in to very much, Ed Wood and Hokei, and I'm sure there are others I'm missing or which have yet to be released, so hopefully this thread will evolve as the scene does as well.

    If you're interested in reading more about Kuba, his influences and musical predilections, etc. here are a few interesting (and, admittedly, long-winded) interviews with The Quietus: from August 2013, and from March 2014.

    Finally, here's a decent overview of other artists from this scene (again from the Quietus); I can't seem to find Part II, so maybe it hasn't been released yet:
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