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Thread: Courtney's Guide to Etiquette

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    Default Re: Courtney's Guide to Etiquette

    Take the stairs people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archie Bunker View Post
    ThatGirl reminds me of a Craigslist semi-scammer I dealt with once.

    Someone sold me some furniture, I foolishly paid in full, but a few of the pieces I bought weren't there when I went to pick it up. I was told they would deliver them to me, but it never happened. The person stalled me for a month with various contradictory stories and avoiding my phone calls.

    Finally they conceded that they lost those pieces, but that I wasn't going to get any refund because I got "such a good deal" on the other stuff. They told me I could go ahead and sue them if I wasn't happy with this.

    Let's just say I made life incredibly difficult for this person, and they backed down, returning my money equivalent to the value of the pieces that they lost.

    At one point I told them, "You know how the last two weeks have been? That's going to be your life for the next 10 years if you don't refund the money for the stuff you didn't deliver."
    I didn't go quite nearly as Mafia on my Spanish teacher, but I'm glad it got you the desired result.
    Quote Originally Posted by M Sparks View Post
    It's all riding on this. You've got big dreams to ride to the top of the Flash Mob world. Well internet fame costs. And right now is when you start paying for sweat.
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    A butt plug is not a weapon.

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