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Thread: KURT VILE 2012

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    Default KURT VILE 2012

    Hey Y'all

    Who's down for some Kurt Ville this year???
    Would love for this guy to grace the fields with his presence.
    i'm here for a good time... not a long time.

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    Default Re: KURT VILE 2012

    Loved them at Hardly Strictly, in contrast with the music they seem like silly dudes.

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    Default Re: KURT VILE 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by Pee Wee Herman's Hermits View Post
    Melted my face off at Skrillex

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    Default Re: KURT VILE 2012

    YES YES AND YES!!!!! Great fucking idea, opened for a Bright Eyes show I saw in SB and I loved every song.

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    Default Re: KURT VILE 2012

    his band is the shit, i'd love to see him again at coachella.
    This ain't no middle of the mall shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by theklein25 View Post
    For Linkin Park this is kind of embarrassing, but this song would be great live if you just wanna have fun and grind on a girl.
    Diarrhea Planet 2015

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